Decision Inc.’s New Managing Executive of South Africa – Global Vision, Same Dedication to our Customers Success 

Sept 01, 2020 

Allan Saffy, Managing Executive

Decision Inc. South Africa

Decision Inc., a global leader in information-driven transformation, has announced that founder and CEO, Nicholas Bell, will be focusing fully on his role as Group CEO of Decision Inc. and handing the country leadership for South Africa to incoming Managing Executive, Allan Saffy. Over the last 3 years, Nick Bell has held both roles as Group CEO and South Africa CEO. The move cements Decision Inc’s continued vision to provide relevant and intelligent local and global solutions with a passionate leadership team that’s focused on the twin goals of growth and collaboration.

“The shift to Global CEO doesn’t change my current role, only my focus,” says Nicholas Bell, Global CEO of Decision Inc. “It gives me the space that I need to drive our collective global strategy of becoming more knowledge centred, providing platforms and innovation that deliver value to our customers. Having this improved focus and objective means that I can give the company the right attention as it continues its growth into new markets and opportunities.”

Allan Saffy, who has lead the South Africa FP&A division for the last 5 years will be taking on the role of Managing Executive for Decision Inc. South Africa in a move that will ensure that the founding arm of the business continues its own significant scale and momentum.

The business has seen impressive growth over the past two years and this change gives the local leadership the platform to continue on this steady trajectory.

“Nick likes to grow and promote leaders from within the company if possible and we share a vision about the company and what defines it,” says Saffy. “We both believe that a strong company needs to focus on the client – the impact we have, the way we engage with the clients, and the impact that our solutions deliver. We are completely aligned as to where we are going as a global organisation and the strategic direction that we are taking.”

Saffy took over as Managing Executive from 01 August 2020 and Bell has already shifted focus into the Group CEO role, both working together to ensure that the company remains focused, and consistently client-centric. Bell will continue to work from South Africa as the main base of operations for Decision Inc. that currently also has offices in the United Kingdom and Australia with plans to expand into new markets over the next few years.

“We’re building a global practice, not just a company that happens to have offices in three locations,” says Bell. 

“We are connecting our knowledge base, skills, and go-to-market propositions so that we can globally engage with our customers and provide connected, relevant, and scalable solutions. Nothing more is changing than our roles – our vision, leadership location, and company ethos remain the same.”

Decision Inc., a proudly South African organisation, will continue to deliver market-leading solutions across multiple sectors and industries with a leadership team that recognises the values of the client, collaboration, and growth.

“The opportunities that lie ahead of us in South Africa are extremely exciting and I look forward to driving the momentum we have already created with the same vigour and commitment to our clients’ success,” concludes Saffy.

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