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Decision Inc.’s Commitment to Transformation

Decision Inc.'s Commitment to Transformation

Feb 18, 2021

Allan Saffy,

Managing Executive

Decision Inc. South Africa

Decision Inc., a global leader in information-driven transformation, has achieved Level 4 B-BBEE contributor status, an achievement that underscores Decision Inc.’s commitment to transformation and diversity. In 2019, Decision Inc. set out a clear mandate to commit to transformation and sustainability through the adoption of the B-BBEE framework and started out with a Level 5 status in 2020. Today, at Level 4, the company continues its focus on a holistic approach to transformation, education, and community.

Decision Inc.'s Commitment to Transformation

“Over the past 2 years, we’ve improved our skills development pillar significantly, focusing on initiatives that are designed to develop competencies both within the company as well as within our greater community,” says Allan Saffy, Managing Executive, Decision Inc. South Africa. “For us, this is a key pillar as we pride ourselves on the skills and knowledge of our employees and are continuously focusing on opportunities that can support their personal and professional growth. Our Skills Development pillar increased by more than five points from FY2019 to FY2020 and is on track to grow even more over the next year.”

In addition to Skills Development, Decision Inc.’s strategy is aligned with national priorities for economic growth and social development with a clear vision to enrich livelihoods for communities and society through the creation of work. 

The company also achieved a significant achievement in the Enterprise and Supplier Development pillar element through a programme of investment which ensures job creation within the ICT sector through various initiatives.  These incremental improvements can also be seen in the Ownership and Management Pillars.


“Adhering to the B-BBEE framework and upholding its commitment to equality and diversity resonates with our values and our ethos,” concludes Saffy. “We will continue to improve across the different pillars within the framework and focus on sustainable initiatives that contribute positively to South African people and the economy.”

Decision Inc.’s B-BBEE strategy also allows for the company to work with a greater pool of diverse talent, allowing for increased access to multiple skills, viewpoints and capabilities. This is the key to innovative thinking and problem solving and is inherent to the company’s goal of enhancing digital progress and building a truly diverse company culture.

Decision Inc.'s Commitment to Transformation

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