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Press release | Decision Inc. 

Decision Inc. launches a new Change Management Offering that puts people at the heart of digital transformation

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5 January, 2022

Stacy Nikolayenko,

Head of Project Management Office at Decision Inc. South Africa

Decision Inc., leaders in data-driven technology transformation, developed a Change Management offering to meet the rapidly evolving needs of the modern organisation.

Focusing on the value of people and the long-term success of technology evolution projects, the offering is designed to support organisations through an agile, fit-for-purpose, and interactive framework that allows clients to re-imagine navigating technology disruption and change.

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People are an integral, yet often under-estimated, element in achieving sustainable digital transformation success. 

Stacy Nikolayenko, Head of Project Management Office at Decision Inc. South Africa

In our experience, the best technology solution is unlikely to deliver a complete return on investment without buy-in from the people using it. As a trusted partner in digital transformation projects, Decision Inc.’s new service is designed to seamlessly align with the actual technology implementation. It ensures that your people engage with and adopt the transformation vision, as well as adapt to the impact on their day-to-day activities – resulting in a cohesive evolution journey.

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We know first-hand that digital transformation is not business as usual and requires more than traditional and outdated people management practices. We aim to provide clients with an intentional, and comprehensive people strategy for technology implementations.

It is no secret that digital transformation is a significant investment, so our goal is to ensure that the targeted return on that investment, is not lost due to poor employee engagement or limited adoption.

Decision Inc.’s Change Management Framework is structured on the principle of “people first”, with flexible investment options, and innovative plug and play elements to suit unique client requirements.

Putting people at the heart of your digital transformation is about equipping your most important assets with structure, insights, and tools they need to match the rapid pace of transformation you envisioned – when individuals thrive, the business will too.

Stacy Nikolayenko, Head of Project Management Office at Decision Inc. South Africa

A Year in Review

About Decision Inc.

Digital partners need to be more than just technology delivery service providers. They need to bring deep industry and functional insights, embedded in the technology platforms of the industry, to help clients make an impact. This approach is defined by Decision Inc. and its Pursuit of Progress. Decision Inc. leads the way as a digital strategy and execution partner for organisations around the world, providing them with the tools, expertise and industry understanding that they need to conceive a robust strategic roadmap and transformation agenda.

Organisations that are fit and capable, that can handle the uncertainty of market and economy, are those that have adopted a model of transformation that’s focused on progress. They’ve adopted the mindset of continuous improvement, innovation and agility.

A mindset defined by Decision Inc. and our commitment to working with clients to scale their Pursuit of Progress.

With a business model designed to deliver exceptional capabilities across multiple markets while ensuring local excellence in all engagements, Decision Inc. is the perfect partner in the Pursuit of Progress, for the right reasons. 

To find out more about how Decision Inc. can partner with your business to create a future that’s relevant, agile, and transformed click here.


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