Decision Inc. gives a leading company that supplies logistics solutions full visibility of its supply chain by delivering a
modern data analytics platform


Solution Overview




Decision Inc. implemented a modern, cloud analytics platform for them which was able to visualise all their data across their business in one single interface.


The client is a leading provider of integrated operational services, specialising in supply and transport services in road haulage, mining, agriculture, people, food and consumer, energy, petrochemical, and gas. 


The client wanted a comprehensive view of their supply chain, inventory management and procurement environment in order to operate more efficiently.


South Africa


Reduced External Ordering

Enhanced Inventory Management

Improved Cost Analysis

Guided Decision Making

Improved Efficiency

After implementing a Modern Data Platform, the client is now able to operate much more efficiently and is on a pathway to becoming an increasingly data-driven business.

The Client

The client is a leading provider of integrated operational services. For over 100 years they have specialised in supply and transport services in road haulage, mining, agriculture, people, food and consumer, energy, petrochemical, and gas. Through their services, they enable companies to successfully expand their business into Sub-Saharan African markets

The Requirement

The company didn’t have a comprehensive view of their supply chain, inventory management, or procurement environment. Their data was scattered across multiple industrial platforms, posing challenges in consolidating information.

The decentralised manner in the way their stock was managed, and because it was very fragmented, meant there was no system available to give them a consolidated view of their data, even though the data was present in their various individual systems.

This was leading to inefficiencies in their business, and they identified this as an area that would improve their overall efficiency and improve their operational cost-effectiveness. The company engaged with Decision Inc.’s specialist data team and asked them to assist them.

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The Solution

Decision Inc.’s consultants recommended using the analytics platform, Qlik Sense, to consolidate their view of their supply chain.

Qlik Sense is a popular business intelligence (BI) and data visualisation platform that can pull data from a variety of systems and display this data in real-time. It employs associative data modelling, allowing users to explore and understand data relationships intuitively. This makes it easier to discover insights and patterns that might be overlooked in traditional BI tools. The platform supports collaborative features, enabling users to share insights, reports, and dashboards with colleagues. This collaborative environment fosters teamwork and ensures that stakeholders are on the same page.

The company had a lot of data, but Qlik Sense is designed to manage large datasets. On completion of the project, 60,000 line items and 210,000 stock pieces were placed into 14 categories according to cost and movement parameters. The company could finally see their data from their complete supply chain visualised in one easy-to-use analytics system.

By bringing in the scorecard data, they would have even more insight.

To identify the requirement in detail, Decision Inc.’s solution architect held workshops with their business users. The key performance indicators (KPIs) that were required on each scorecard were documented in a wireframe. Further workshops were held to identify the required business logic to underpin the scorecards. The production of the blueprint document ensured that Decision Inc. understood exactly what needed to be delivered and that the client was clear on the solution they would receive.

Following the plan outlined in the blueprints, the scorecards and dashboards were configured within the client’s SAC. Data was pulled in from their Salesforce system and its SAP Business Planning and Consolidation software. Operational scorecards were created as well as Management scorecards. A predictive forecast was enabled that uses 24 months of data history in the system to enable a 3-month forecast prediction. This forecast will grow to 9 months once more data is available.

The Benefits of Value Realised

The company has seen many benefits after being able to visualise their data:


Ordering externally has significantly decreased with improved inventory visibility, allowing employees to find needed items internally, reducing unnecessary purchases.


The company now has better inventory oversight, understanding stock levels and replenishment needs with access to lead times, improving planning efficiency.


Accurate cost of sales data and essential cost metrics are readily available, empowering informed financial decision-making.


Decision Inc.’s expertise has guided staff in identifying key metrics, enhancing business efficiency and decision-making processes.



Overall efficiency has improved, and the company is transitioning to a more data-driven approach, optimising processes and resource allocation.

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