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Decision Inc. Fosters Community this Mandela Day

July 22, 2020

Decision Inc.

As part of their commitment to giving back to the communities in which they operate, the Decision Inc. team has once again come out in support of Mandela Day this past weekend. Not only did they provide Ubuntu House and Just In Time Baby Sanctuary with much-needed resources, but they also made 3 500 sandwiches in collaboration with the 100 Sandwiches Initiative.

“Even though Mandela Day is special every year, this was an especially unique one given the challenges that exist with the lockdown and the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, more than ever, it is important to reach out and foster community. The past few months have shown all of us how easy it is for people to become isolated. Thanks to the unfailing support of our staff, the company has once again been able to make a difference and take that step to help others,” says Natalie Meikle-Braes, HR Manager at Decision Inc.

Ubuntu House is a registered child and youth care centre with a temporary safe care programme. Since it opened in 2003, it has already cared for 528 babies and placed 425 with adopted parents. Furthermore, 93 children have been reunited with their birth parents.

Just In Time Baby Sanctuary is a place of safety for abused and abandoned babies from new-born to two years. It is a registered non-profit- and non-government organisation. Since its opening in 2016, it has helped 33 babies with 10 babies currently in its care.

“Community means acknowledging that you and the next person share more than space but that your dreams, and ambitions (although different) all commonly enrich the world and amplify the experiences we all have while serving on it. It is because we exist within a wider ecosystem that no person should ever look too far for comfort, for security, and for wisdom. Community is ultimately our greatest to give and receive,” says Nobantu Radebe, Project Manager at Decision Inc.

For Hannelise van Wyk, Senior Functional Consultant: FP&A at Decision Inc., it is important to keep reaching out to communities regardless of the circumstances. “I think connecting to our community and supporting others is a core need as a human being. Prioritising reaching out is an act of self-care,” she says.

The activities that Decision Inc. and its staff embarked on during Mandela Day are not limited to just one day. For many employees, it is about continually giving back and supporting communities.

Take for example the work done by Sandisiwe Sobahle, Senior Client Partner at Decision Inc.

“I have taken responsibility in playing an active role in the lives of my elderly neighbours. I check up on them as often as I can. Their wellbeing and safety are my responsibility.  They all have my cell number in case of an emergency, and I have all their cell numbers. I do this because this is what I would also expect from the community members where my mother, grandmother, or any other family member lives in.”

And then there is also the work of the Decision Inc. Modern Workplace team.

The team recently assisted Sparrow FET Enterprises by enhancing its Website to improve the online presence of the college. Decision Inc. further supports Sparrow by sponsoring learnerships to assist individuals in furthering their education and building a strong foundation for their careers.

“In the end, fostering community during this global pandemic will ensure that we grow stronger from this experience. By expressing our care for one another, we not only help others, but it helps us truly stay connected.,” concludes Natalie.


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