Decision Inc. Expertise Amid the Great Resignation

Australia is facing a skills gap, with virtually no skilled migrants entering the workforce since the pandemic began, university students dropping out at historically high numbers, and with productivity at alarming lows.

Yet even as the borders open, we don’t expect this issue to suddenly fix itself overnight.

At Decision Inc. Australia we’ve crunched the data, and the findings show a two year gap in talent emerging, creating a shallower pool of talent compared to pre-pandemic levels and leading to a workforce that is pickier and more in demand than ever before.

In short: it’s about to get worse before it gets better.

The key to understanding the issue is always understanding the data – if you’re facing these issues and want to make better and informed decisions, contact us. We’re not short on talent here at Decision Inc. Australia and we’re ready to help you when you need it.

So, what do you need?

A Data Scientist?

You might be on the lookout for an expert in advanced analytics, someone who delivers value through advanced data and analytics analysis, and can provide detailed analysis of business scenarios. You might not be able to find them out there amid the great resignation… but that’s where Decision Inc. Australia can assist.

A Data Engineer?

The Great Resignation means that data engineers are harder to come by. But here at Decision Inc. Australia, we have data engineers aplenty, who are adept at creating data model solutions, building pipelines and platforms, and can maximise the use of modern on premise and cloud-based data platforms, we’re able to help.

A BI Developer?

A BI Developer can bring snap to your analytics visualisations. But if you’re struggling to find one, rest assured: you’re not alone. The Great Resignation means that skills are in short supply, but Decision Inc. Australia is not short on talent in this regard.

Our BI team develop across most modern BI platforms including MSFT PBI and Qlik, they understand the power of engaging and accurate visualisations, and will add value through interrogation of the data and visualisations possible.

A Managed Service Offering?

Do you want to re-purpose your data and analytics team on critical business projects? We offer a Managed Service for all elements of a Business Intelligence capability in your business. Talk to us about how you can take advantage of this economic high-quality service to help accelerate your businesses projects and analytics maturity.

We offer Managed Services for multiple Data Platforms and can provide Proactive Maintenance Services as well as SLA-based Support Services.

Decision Inc. Insights

Our DII series explores some of the biggest issues facing Australia today through data. We take a long lens approach to some of the more topical issues facing Australia at any given moment, and analyse all the available data on that issue to help better understand what is causing the issue to help Australians make more informed decisions.

The data is the authority. We help to make sense of it all


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