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Decision Inc. Australia Appoints Managing Director, Launches

“AI Hub” and Suite of Off-The-Shelf AI Solutions

Sydney, Australia, July 4, 2024 – Decision Inc. Australia, a leading independent AI, data and analytics consultancy, has appointed Tony Butler to the newly-created role of Managing Director.

Having led the Sales and GTM strategy for the past three years, Tony is now responsible for the day-to-day management of the company, driving the growth strategy and customer engagement.

We’re constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation on behalf of our clients. I’m looking forward to continuing to deliver strategic value for our clients through business transformation. With everyone talking about AI use cases, it’s the perfect time for our team to leverage their expertise in data, analytics, generative AI and intelligent automation to deliver solutions to the market and our clients quickly.

Tony Butler

Managing Director, Decision Inc. Australia

A key part of the role is launching the company’s AI Hub, with five unique Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven solutions now generally available for off-the-shelf implementation.

“I believe we’ve moved ahead of the market when it comes to AI, and our expertise in data and analytics had us perfectly placed to move quickly into delivering leading edge solutions for clients” said Butler.”Not only can we develop and deploy bespoke AI solutions for new and existing clients, but we’ve been working in the background to build ready-to-go AI-driven solutions for various use cases we’ve identified as necessary in the market”

The solution catalogue includes:


Contact Centre DeciBot:

A cutting-edge Generative AI solution specifically designed to enhance call centre operations. By leveraging the latest in AI technology, this tool enables call centre agents to respond to client inquiries with unprecedented speed and accuracy, providing essential documentation that accelerates service delivery at critical moments.


Predictive Asset Management:

Leverages cutting-edge AI-powered predictive analytics to revolutionise how a business manages its industrial assets. Businesses can anticipate maintenance needs and avoid critical failures, saving time and money while extending the lifecycle of their assets.


CX Insight:

A cutting-edge solution designed to analyse both structured and unstructured data, providing businesses with unique, in-depth customer insights. It integrates diverse data sources and employs advanced GenAI analytics to deliver real-time Q&A interactions and insights tailored to specific business needs.


Real Time Analysis Solution:

An advanced AI-powered solution designed to interrogate an organisation’s data platform in real time, providing on-the-fly analytics insights. This solution seamlessly integrates with the organisation’s existing data repository to generate real-time reports, enabling executives and decision-makers to gain immediate insights that go beyond static dashboards.


Customer Sentiment Insights:

Provides comprehensive analytics from unstructured customer sentiment data, customer complaints, and CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) data. By transforming these insights into clear, actionable dashboards, businesses gain a deeper understanding of their customers’ true feelings in near real-time.

“We believe that, from the time we speak to a client to the unveiling of a Proof-of-Value should take no more than six weeks,” said Butler. “The beauty of building an AI solution unique to a business’ needs is that they can start small and scale as needs change. But some are content to allow us to scale our off-the-shelfsolutions as technology advances, and they can simply advance with them.”

The solutions are generally available for deployment today through Decision Inc. Australia, while bespoke solutions can be developed following a consultation with the Decision Inc. team.

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