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Data has become the fuel that propels organisations to new heights. Companies that embrace a data-driven approach gain a competitive edge by leveraging data to make critical decisions, identify emerging opportunities, and uncover hidden revenue streams.

Leveraging your data, however, goes beyond just implementing tools. It is the journey your business takes to understand what is important to measure and how you use that information to drive improved decision-making.

Venturing into the data realm without a proper strategy can be risky. Misinterpreting data or basing crucial decisions on incomplete information can lead to costly mistakes and missed opportunities. A data strategy is not just a mere add-on; it is the foundation that supports every aspect of your data initiatives.


What to expect during this webinar

During this webinar, we will delve into the world of data strategy and its pivotal role in supporting your business’s data maturity. You will get to uncover insights into our approach that not only focusses on compliance and governance but considers your organisation’s culture, people and skills that need to be developed as well.

What you will learn:

  • The Importance of a Data Strategy: Understand why a data strategy is the backbone of every successful data-driven business.
  • Components of an Effective Data Strategy: Discover the critical elements that form a comprehensive data strategy.
  • The Impact of a Data Strategy on Your Business: Gain insights into real-life success stories of companies that have embraced a data-driven approach.
  • Tools Needed for Success: Discover tailored solutions available to help you build a customised data strategy and roadmap.

Meet Your Speakers


Rousseau Kluever

Executive: Clients and Markets
Decision Inc.


Leandra Webb-Ray

Principal Data Scientist
Decision Inc.

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“Without a data strategy, organisations risk wandering aimlessly in a labyrinth of data, where every turn leads to uncertainty, every dead-end represents missed opportunities, and every blind spot conceals potential dangers.”