On-Demand Webinar

Data Literacy 2.0

How to sustain digital momentum and drive business strategy


Title: Data Literacy 2.0: How to sustain digital momentum and drive business strategy.

Type: On-Demand Webinar

Duration: 55 Minutes 


Data literacy is a hot topic in business today and due to such great feedback we have decided to run another data literacy webinar for anyone that couldn’t attend the first one. 

As businesses struggle to remain competitive and to do more with less, every enterprise is looking for a way to optimise resources to get the most out of every team member.

Did you know, 50% of organisations lack the sufficient AI and data literacy skills to achieve business value?  Poor data literacy is the second biggest internal roadblock to success, as ranked by respondents to Gartner’s CDO survey.  So how can you be sure that your plans to develop data literacy will give you the strategic impact you need? 

Watch our data literacy experts at Decision Inc. where they will take you on a journey to understand what skills your business needs to execute your digital strategy and how to foster improved data literacy through our practical framework. 


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“AutoX harnesses the full power of Data with Decision Inc.’s Data Literacy Solution.” 

What you can expect



    • Why data literacy is so important.
    • How poor data literacy will become an inhibitor to your growth.
    • Practical steps you can follow to get started with your data literacy program.
    • Real use-case: How Decision Inc. successfully implemented a 6 step data literacy program into a leading automotive battery manufacturing organisation.
    • More info on Decision Inc.’s data literacy as a service offering.
    • Launching the new Data Literacy Executive Program.
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    Meet your speaker

    Adriaan Hubinger 
    Engagement Manager: Data, Information & Analytics

    Has been working in the field of Business Intelligence, Data & Analytics for over a decade and is passionate about helping organisations realise the value and insights of their data. Over the years he has completed numerous BI certifications, as well as achieved the success of completing his MBA. He has developed the Data Literacy program for Decision Inc. to assist customers in driving adoption, improve understanding and insights gained from data, and connect business strategy with data insights to drive action. Adriaan is passionate about growing people in their personal and professional capacity and believes that everyone can get better if their talent is nurtured in the right setting.