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Rapid Scenario Modelling

A Scenario Modelling Solution from Decision Inc.

Simulate your business plans and outcomes quickly with our Rapid Scenario Modelling Tool.

With the rate of change and disruption impacting every industry leaders need to evolve their planning processes and develop scalable scenario modelling capabilities to assess the impact change on their business.

Are you faced with the following questions and are needing to make strategic decision quickly?

What is the impact of changes in legislation?

Do we cut costs? Where and what is the overall impact?

Do we reduce heads? How many is enough and what can we afford?

Do we divert efforts and resources to a different geographical region?

The Scenario Modelling Process

Organisations need the ability to quickly test each of these scenarios to know what needs to be done to achieve the best outcome in each.

Decision Inc.’s Scenario Modelling Accelerators have been developed for a number of industries and functions including retail, services, utilities, manufacturing and financial services. The solutions covers company wide modelling as well as department modelling capability leveraging operational drivers.

Key Benefits