Cook Up a Data and Analytics Storm with Decision Inc. Australia

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Turn your data and analytics capabilities from a rearview mirror into a crystal ball to the future

Many in the food and beverage manufacturing industry face the same issues. Analytics provides a view of departmental performance but does not give the full 360 degree view. Optimising performance is bread and butter for this industry but data and analytics immaturity can hinder holistic performance improvement efforts.

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That’s where we come in. We have developed a platform to help food and beverage manufacturers of all sizes quickly and easily automate and visualise their data, and use that to achieve tangible results for their business. 


We help companies automate the ingestion of data into their systems, and from there we’ve developed a market-leading data and analytics platform that helps companies of all sizes analyse past performance, add value to the business and forecast for the future.


The platform visualises and analyses data across the spectrum of the business, featuring dashboards for:

Daily Sales

Operation Analysis

Customer Sales

DIFOT Analysis

Delivery Service Level

Variance Cost

Spend Analysis

Attainment to Plan

Warehouse Capacity

We know it works, because it’s already been deployed by an industry leader which has improved business performance from the integrated insights.

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Beak & Johnston Beefs Up Data and Analytics Capability

Beak & Johnston understood the value of data and analytics, but determined its capabilities weren’t delivering what they needed to support and accelerate their growth. Visibility into operational performance was detailed but historical-based, with its current data platform not built to provide deep insight into how it could lift performance in the future.


It needed to develop a data strategy and become a data driven business focused on past and future performance. It began looking at options to revamp its data analytics capability and support its desired data maturity. So they turned to us.


We focused on four key business areas at Beak & Johnston: Supply Chain, Commercials, Operations and Procurement, to determine what solutions made sense to address the company’s mandate for continued growth. Our approach was from the functional business areas needs down, and always considering how to integrate the view at a company level.


We implemented our Modern Data Platform architecture, including a new data warehouse, to centralise key data sources and redesign all analytics across business functions. The platform better visualised existing information while adding additional insights from other data sources to advance decision making based on past performance to predicted performance excellence.


Among many benefits the company has seen, it also saw a 17 per cent improvement in their cash-to-cash cycle, a key metric it wanted to improve.

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