Complex Data Systems


Clients across all sectors of all sizes are always looking to modernise. We’ve done this for decades now. But where once upon a time, modernising meant “connecting to the internet”, or turning to “email” instead of the fax, organisations are looking to modernise to jump ahead of the curve, not simply keep up with it.

The challenge organisations face today is that there is no single solution that allows organisations to differentiate through the blanket term “modernisation”. Is it automating manual processes? Is it upgrading data and analytics capabilities? Is it incorporating back-end technologies and upgrading systems?


Every organisation has unique challenges that becoming a modern workplace looks to address. Take the health organisations which wanted to modernise its aged care assessment tool, and needed proof of concepts delivered along with an iterative learning approach using Agile development methods and an adaptable solution architecture.

That’s something that an insurance company would never use. One Insurance company we worked with wanted to digitise the commercial and retail property asset management process for its clients and use this data to drive better insurance and risk management outcomes.


And neither of solutions we helped develop for these organisations would make sense to implement within a mining environment. One of the mining companies we worked with needed to digitise its manual processes around its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting.

Every organisation, even those within the same sectors, require unique solutions. No silver bullet exists to modernise these days; no saviour innovation can be picked up off the shelf and implemented. That’s why we’re here.

We take a look at what’s needed and find the right technologies to make it happen. And we believe everyone can modernise to get ahead, not just stay with the pack.