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A decade ago, companies either deployed their services to an online server connected to the internet or as a standalone piece of software to be installed on an endpoint system or internal server.

With the rise of cloud computing, companies gain new processes and tools to integrate infrastructure with cloud-based applications and create software more flexibly and efficiently. By adopting cloud, companies can remove the silos around development, deployment, and operations. Where there was once an application and a server, there is now a solution.

The cloud has changed the development process in three major ways: how we buy things, how we build things, and our tools and techniques. Rather than have huge capital outlays, cloud computing allows infrastructure to be paid as operational expenditures, giving businesses greater flexibility. By eliminating the need to order, configure, and manage physical servers and data centres, the cloud gives companies the ability to scale infrastructure very quickly and potentially reduces costs.


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Leading agricultural company cuts overall cost by 32% with Hybrid Cloud Strategy

A large agricultural company had a need to reassess their on-prem ERP Solutions licensing requirements and reduce costs due to a significant downscale. The company was approaching their agreement expiration and needed assistance with how to renew the contract.

The Cloud Optimisation Team did a user profiling exercise to establish true requirements across the user base, and made recommendations to step down to lower plans, and remove unnecessary licenses. Furthermore it was established that the on-premise software was nearing end of support and established that the renewal of the contract as is would be an unnecessary expense. We established that the client did not have a short term plan to transition to the cloud but established that they could still utilise dual use rights and license their environment with the more cost effective and flexible cloud subscriptions, but remain on their on-premise solution for the short to medium term.

An overall cost saving of 32% was achieved and the clients risk of over expenditure and unnecessary investment in legacy technology was avoided.



A large property development company acquired a new business, and had the need to supply its new employees with a company email address on the company domain but has not included new licenses for every new employee in the current budget.

Rather then buying new office and exchange licenses for all 250 employee’s, which would have cost the company in excess of R 3 500 000,00 we supplied them with an Exchange Online Subscription

And leveraged the Hybrid Use Rights. Allowing the company to provision the mailboxes in Office365 in minutes, and add the users to the company’s on-premise domain, saving the company R3 350 000,00 in software costs.


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The ease of access to technology that Cloud Services affords businesses brings with it the need to avoid the pitfalls of over-spending in the cloud

Along with this, the flexibility that new cloud subscription models provide have created a need for far greater visibility and control of costs.


Don’t be pressured into buying expensive bundles with long term commitments and minimum purchases across applications that you don’t need. Start with an individual use case, and then step up and down as and when you need to, month to month without the hassle of buying on credit card direct from Microsoft, and at a more cost-effective rate



As a Microsoft FastTrack Partner We work with our clients and Microsoft to make sure our clients leverage the full value of the technology they have invested in, by providing implementation services, and creating customised adoption campaigns to drive proper adoption of technology investment.


Leverage the true flexibility of Cloud and buy only what you need, when you need it! Whether you have aggressive or conservative plans to move to the Cloud, we support your decision-making process and help map your journey accordingly.




Make decisions based on real data. We collect and Analyse environmental information, and then make recommendations based on facts.
We analyse software for end of support


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