Cloud drives digital transformation in financial services


Financial institutions have embraced digital innovation at a record pace to adopt new ways of working, serve the financial needs of customers, and keep the markets performing. They have done so while still operating within their control frameworks and regulatory requirements needed to serve in all parts of the world. The tenacity of the industry and its workforce has been remarkable.

For financial institutions, the first months of 2020 were a test of operational agility. In response to COVID-19’s chaos— including branch shutdowns, concerns about employee health and safety, and shifting government mandates—the financial firms best able to pivot were those that were already well into their cloud journeys. Such firms leveraged a cloud foundation to support remote workers; protect data assets; serve customers and partners; and change, update, and manage critical business software on the fly.

Cloud drives digital transformation. In this report you will learn why more and more financial institutions are turning to the cloud  to succeed now and in the future.

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