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Building the Business Case for Cloud-based Planning and Reporting

Reducing Reliance on Spreadsheets for Budgeting, Planning, and Reporting

Has your organisation outgrown its spreadsheet-based system for budgeting and planning? Are you ready to upgrade to a cloud-based FP&A platform that can help you spend more time on value-added analysis and less time on data collection and fixing Excel errors? Historically, most organisations have deployed packaged FP&A applications for budgeting, planning and financial reporting on-premises. But many are now finding that this approach can be time-consuming and costly, especially for small and mid-sized organisations. This is fueling increasing interest and demand for cloud-based budgeting and planning.

The good news is that cloud-based solutions have been available for a number of years, and many now offer the same capabilities as on-premises solutions.

Download this paper to get guidance on how to build the business case for cloud-based FP&A and lead your finance team into a future without spreadsheets.

Building the Business Case for Cloudbased Planning Reporting

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