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Reports & Whitepapers

Download these resources to gain Data & Analytics insight for your business needs.

Discover how organisations saw a three-year 366% return on investment with business intelligence through Microsoft Power BI.

This Data Literacy Report aims to educate leaders about the importance of building a data-driven culture, to increase overall productivity.

DataOps for Analytics will enable modern enterprises to quickly deliver the right data to a growing data consumer audience to drive strategic initiatives.

Data Literacy is the ability to read, work with, analyse and argue with data. It empowers all levels of workers to ask the right questions.


Download these resources to read more about Data & Analytics for your business.

Organisations are using Qlik’s embedded analytics to unlock customer intelligence & boost the efficiency of their business.

Big data’s value doesn’t come from the collection of information; that’s just the starting point.

Traditional BI’s passive approach can’t handle today’s data-driven demands. Introducing Active Intelligence. Real-time agility has become essential.

Whether you’re a BI leader or someone new to data, Qlik data analytics solutions can help empower you to take smarter action.

This eBook explores the top 10 Bi & Data Trends expected for next year and how you can learn to thrive when others can’t.

With these 5 data visualisation pitfalls you can work directly with the data you see, interact with visuals and navigate through all your information.

Find out how a cloud data warehouse in Azure has advantages in cost, time to value, and the ability to work with real-time data.

Augmented Intelligence an approach that brings together the best of machine intelligence and human intuition to accelerate analytics.


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