Banking on AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will play a central role as banks transform for the future

Learn how the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is changing the way you do business in banking and capital markets. Read the Banking on AI e-book and discover how AI will continue to affect banks like yours—now and in the future—and:


  • Find out how Microsoft Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies can play a role in your organisation’s digital transformation.
  • Learn about the benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in banking, use cases, and how it helps organisations like yours become more agile and make smarter decisions, so you stay competitive.
  • Discover how a combination of intelligent agents, modern apps, and machine learning help banks turn data into actionable insights.

    Banking on IA

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    “Banks and others can save time and money by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate labour intensive, paper-based processes and to deliver seamless self-service experiences for customers in the new, more virtual world. As well as delivering faster and smoother services to customers, Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered automated workflows with inbuilt compliance controls will reduce the manual labour involved in managing risk and meeting reporting obligations.”

    What’s Inside?

    This eBook explores how Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    will play a central role as banks transform for the future:

    1. Innovation for all

    2. Data is the key

    3. Not business as usual

    4. Making smarter bankers

    5. The fight against fraud

    6. Manage risk

    “Artificial Intelligence (AI) will continue to play an important role as we recover from the crisis, by enabling organisations to efficiently scale and adopt new systems to meet surging customer demands. And, as longer-term trends like the rise of FinTech and open banking slowly reclaim center stage, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will become crucial in helping banks and others accelerate into the future”


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