Launching your analytics applications and reporting in the Cloud


Build your first analytics application in the cloud, in 4 weeks!

The Analytics Launch Hub is an accelerated program allowing you to build and launch anayltics applications and reporting in the cloud in 4 weeks.

Leveraging Microsoft technology and our best practices, launch your analytics quickly into the cloud, delivering value to business in weeks not months.

Azure analytics Timeline

Our accelerated program rapidly launches your analytics and reporting in Microsoft Azure

In just 4 weeks we will run an Analytics Vision Workshop to define a high value analytics need, a Landscape Audit to assess your current state, Design and Configure your analytics application in the cloud and provide standard Data Literacy training for users to maximise system usage and the return on analytics.

The program also includes the development of PowerBI software for reporting along with the necessary licenses and environment configuration.

Accelerated program to build analytics applications and reporting in the cloud

Azure analytics outcome two

Define and understand a high value analytics need

Pre-built data pipelines into the cloud

Azure analytics Challenge

The Challenge

Many companies are just not winning, when it comes to their journey to the cloud

The rapid growth and evolution of cloud capabilities continues to create opportunities and disruptions for organisations to overcome. Resulting in many organisations embarking on transformation journeys to the cloud.
Many of these transformation efforts have failed to deliver fast enough result and drive real value. Leaving many organisations stuck due to some very common pitfalls.

What’s holding them back?


Missing a viable strategy


Hyper focused on technology rather than business outcomes



Lack of organisational alignment


Issues with their legacy operating model



Missing specific technical capabilities


Lacking team bandwidth or expertise


What you can expect from Launch Hub


Maximise value

Get the most out of the cloud with our well-honed approach to realising ROI.

Align priorities

Drive business, technology, and customer outcomes in harmony with agreed-upon priorities.


Accelerate outcomes

See actionable change within weeks of starting at a Launch Hub.

Streamline operations

Cut excess noise and gain maximum efficiency from your technology.

Simply go faster

Learn to operate in a truly nimble fashion, regardless of organisational size or scope of transformation.


Reinvigorate your team

Build skills, encourage talent, drive excitement, passion, and morale across your organisation.

Build the future

Create the disruptive technology that propels businesses into the future.

The Solution

Azure Analytics Launch Hub

The Analytics Launch Hub is an accelerated program to rapidly build and launch your analytics applications and reporting into the cloud leveraging Microsoft technology.

Incorporating an Analytics Vision Workshop to define a high value analytics need, Landscape Audit to assess the current state and Design and Configuration to build the data pipelines into the cloud.

The solution also includes the development of Power BI software for reporting along with the necessary licenses and environment configuration and standard Data Literacy training for users to maximise their return on analytics.

What kind of momentum are we talking about?

  • Define and set up secure and scalable Landing Zones
  • Accelerate cloud migration activities
  • Modernize your applications to leverage cloud native services and patterns
  • Develop a leading digital strategy to achieve your organisational vision
  • Build your next generation of digital products
  • Modernize your IT organisation to support your cloud native business
  • Equip your people with cloud skills and capabilities

How it works

Prepare for launch

Step One

Analytics Vision Workshop

Leverage the Vision Framework to identify critical use cases as well as discuss opportunities for analytics to creat value quickly.

Step Two

Analytics Landscape Audit

Specialist Architects work with you to review the environment and unpack the current data landscape. Through the process you get a report on your current risks and areas of improvement to scale analytics.

Step Three

Design and Configuration

Consulting teams build the data pipelines to the cloud and configure the environment for your users. The teams deploy the solutions into Power BI and build the dashboards and reports.

Step Four

Launch to the Cloud

Going live in the cloud the team supports the internal change program to support users as they work to embrace and use the new technology.

Step Five

Data Literacy

Training on the solution as well as Data Literacy for users is critical to success and the Change teams support users through the journey.


Prepare for launch

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