About Aspen Pharmacare

Aspen Pharmacare, a leading global manufacturer of medications and products, is one of the largest drug manufacturers in Southern Africa.

The Requirement

  • The organisation required a central repository for all data related to the commercialisation of Aspen’s intellectual property (IP) (or licensed IP and patents)
  • They needed to establish a consistent internal process which could seamlessly handle the development and introduction of new medical drugs to market. The organisation needed a system which could track the entire process, capture all the information, manage approvals and allow for richer data analysis and control.

The Solution

  • The solution created by Decision Inc. was tailored to the specific internal and regulatory requirements of the client and has transformed a lengthy, manual process into a seamless and centralised system.
  • Decision Inc. developed a complex, custom solution, presented through the Microsoft SharePoint platform, which stored all information centrally, digitised documentation and remained seamlessly interconnected for an instant, always-on access to data and product status. It allowed for workflow processes to be followed accurately and automated several elements to ensure that information is kept secure and up-to-date and acted upon timeously.

The Value Derived

  • Transformed a lengthy, manual process into a seamless and centralised system.
  • Data integrity has improved, and the history repository is now being created in an on-going fashion which can potentially eliminate project IP from residing with individuals.
  • Workflows have also assisted with preventing documentation from getting lost and thereby negatively impacting on a new product launch.



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