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The Spreadsheet User’s Guide to Modern Analytics

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Modern Analytics for Spreadsheet Users

If you’re working in spreadsheets to do analysis, 90% of your workday is taken up by menial tasks you’d rather not be doing. Formatting data sources. Cleaning and parsing. Applying formulas.

By the time you get to the good stuff — analysing — you’re worn out and running late to deliver your insights. When job dissatisfaction starts to kick in, it’s time to make a change.

In this e-book, you’ll discover how easy it is to switch to a modern analytics approach. Use the spreadsheet skills you’ve already got — but take advantage of repeatability, transparency, and all the other great features of self-service analytics.

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What’s Inside:

Download this guide to learn:

How to spot the 10 symptoms of overdependence on spreadsheets

    Which spreadsheet skills translate into powerhouse analytics functions

      How self-service analytics can simplify and automate your daily routine

        Why making the switch isn’t difficult – it’s a change in mindset, not skillset

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