On-Demand Webinar 

Adapt to Customer Needs to Earn Loyalty and Trust




Title: Adapt to Customer Needs to Earn Loyalty and Trust

Type: On-Demand

Duration: 28 mins


Customer experience is about more than getting them what they need in one instance, it is about fostering a supportive relationship with your client for the long haul.

During COVID-19, it is absolutely vital to prevent any potential disruption for your customers, to maintain the quality of your products or services, and to continue building strong customer relationships.

With that in mind, this webinar will help your organisation respond to changes in real time and achieve long-term customer experience success.

At its basic level, an AI-powered virtual agent can do almost everything that a live agent can do—and during COVID-19, using conversational AI virtual agents to automate the routine and repetitive call types handled by live agents can take your business from surviving to thriving.

In this webinar, hear from Microsoft and Ed Grant, Chief Financial Officer, Solgari as we share how you, too, can meet surging demand with virtual agents, respond to customer feedback and deliver remote support, and use personalised communications to increase customer loyalty.

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What you can expect

Watch now where we will discuss:

  • Identifying what your customers needs are
  • Determine existing modalities of engagement and shift them to meet customer needs
  • Ensure your agents have the knowledge and training to confidently address customer concerns with empathy and efficiency
  • Have the elastic digital footprint to serve the best interests of your customers and your people