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5 Signs You Are Abusing Excel For Planning


Stop the Abuse and Make Better Use of Excel

Finance is familiar with spreadsheets and uses them for a variety of financial planning and analysis processes. Though they are an excellent individual productivity tool, spreadsheets were not built for corporate-wide planning processes. Planning via Excel can work in the early stages of an enterprise, but as an organisation grows in size and complexity the warning signs that it might be time for a change will become apparent.

So how do you know when your organisation has outgrown spreadsheets for planning?

Download the white paper to learn the five signs that you are abusing Excel for planning.

You’ll learn:

  • The impact of relying too heavily on Excel for planning initiatives
  • Steps you can take to stop the abuse and actually use the advantages of  Excel in an FP&A solution
  • The requirements you should consider when evaluating an FP&A solution to evolve with your business needs

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