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5 Revenue Killers and How to Defeat Them

sales and marketing strategies to help you increase revenue


Growing a business is no easy task. And whether your revenue is R10 million, R100 million, or anything in between, the panic you feel when you don’t see your numbers growing as quickly as you want can be crushing. Where should you start?

In this guide, we talk to several sales and marketing experts who’ve walked in your shoes. They know what it feels like to create awesome marketing campaigns that don’t drive revenue. They get how hard it is to sift through and identify leads so they can focus on the deals that have real potential. And they understand how frustrating it can be to miss your quota month after month. But more importantly, they have experience helping countless other companies overcome revenue killers and achieve sales and marketing growth.

By gaining full visibility into the health of your sales pipeline, your sellers and managers can track the same KPIs and align on what’s most important to your business. Let’s look at five of the top revenue killers and some strategies, tactics,
and frameworks that should prove incredibly valuable for your next sales engagement, your next marketing campaign, and your long-term revenue growth.

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What’s inside

Read this e-book to discover strategies, tactics, and a framework for defeating five common revenue killers:

    • Leaky sales funnel: Shift to full-funnel marketing with an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) solution.
    • Unused prospect data: Automate the process of collecting, analyzing, and activating prospect data before it becomes outdated and worthless.
    • Pushy sales strategy: Use the included Lead Routing checklist to assess and improve your lead routing process.
    • Sales team time wasters: Learn ten strategies to increase the productivity of your sales team.
    • Difficulty closing deals: Focus on the customer and ensure you know where the deal is going by asking them ten tough questions to earn their trust.


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