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In HR, assigning of the right employees and the right skills and capabilities that can move the business forward is key. Finding the best talent and expertise takes a significant amount of time, data and effort.

In addition, HR departments strive to monitor various KPIs relating to staff productivity, assess learning and training, improve employee relations, while at the same time are working on reducing hiring costs and optimising performance.

This is why workforce analytics are becoming an essential factor in workforce management. Advanced data visualisations give a complete and in-depth view of workforce activity and lead to corrective actions, which have a positive impact on the bottom line.

Below we take a quick look at how HR can unlock data to advance workforce management with business intelligence reporting.

Multi-source Data Visualisation

Business Intelligence dashboards provide a holistic view of workforce information in one place. A workforce dashboard offers an overview of workforce data from multiple sources and silos, cutting down the time needed to find specific staff information.

It is also important for this summarised workforce data and KPIs to be highly visual with the use of interactive charts and graphs, to make the decision-making process more reliable and faster.

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Business Intelligence dashboards provide a holistic view of workforce information in one place. Join the webinar and discover how these dashboards will generate valuable insights.


Trending and Strategic Analysis

Workforce analytics allows users to go beyond analysing staff resources and optimising workforce efficiency. HR management can proactively get involved in strategic development and leadership succession to maximise business performance.

With dynamics dashboards and in-depth analytics, management can spot trends and test succession planning, budgets and performance, to assess the impacts of possible outcomes and identify future development requirements.

Collaboration and Sharing

Another major benefit of workforce analytics is the collaborative angle. The integrated workforce data on a single platform can significantly improve group decisions between cost centres, managers, and users with interactive shared sessions.

Furthermore, even non-technical users can explore this data and receive instant feedback on the data specifically associated with their activity. The result is better collaboration with employees and business functions, which supports better decision-making.

Through workforce analytics, HR management can rely on real-time insights based on reliable data to respond better to work-related issues, improve employee relations, impact workforce performance, and ultimately make more informed business decisions.

Workforce Analytics assists your HR operations and business strategy by monitoring KPIs that impact workforce management.

You can do more with HR if you have the right analytics platform. Join our Webinar to learn how to manage your workforce better. 

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We’ll discuss how you can dynamically respond to HR information to improve employee relations and impact workforce performance.

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