Intelligent Finance

Making the business case for Intelligent Finance.


Intelligent Finance Enables the Strategic CFO

Transformative and intelligent technologies such as in-memory processing, machine learning, predictive analytics, cloud, and others are changing the way finance professionals work and increasing the value finance brings to the organisation.

These innovations are driving process efficiencies through increased automation and simplification, freeing finance professionals to spend more time focusing on more-strategic work that improves the overall performance of the enterprise.

A recent Economist study found that CFOs and senior finance executives are concerned with their ability to keep up with the pace of change and adapt quickly to changes in the business environment.

The top four concerns of finance professionals: 

Adapting to unexpected changes to financial forecasts

Adapting to rapidly evolving business models

Aligning strategic, financial and operational plans


Analysing data across the business to develop strategies

Empowering the CFO


Today’s CFO must be prepared and equipped to help the business respond and evolve to a changing business landscape. As the Economist survey revealed, companies in which finance executives feel empowered to drive strategic decisions across business functions were more likely to have a higher financial performance in financial year (FY) 2016–2017 and FY 2017–2018 and anticipate higher growth rates for FY 2019–2020.2

2. “Steering Through Collaboration”, survey by The Economist Intelligence Unit Limited, 2018.

Changing the Way Work is Done

To keep pace in this dynamic business and technology environment, CFOs are choosing an intelligent finance solution as the foundation of their company’s digital core.

We can help empower your finance team to change the way work is done and the value it brings across the enterprise by enabling the following:


A rock-solid foundation of finance, risk, and compliance processes based on a single source of the truth


Intelligent technology innovations to drive finance transformation and business improvement


A flexible and accelerated innovation adoption path


A modern user experience offered in the cloud or on premise

Building a Rock-Solid Foundaion for Intelligent Finance

With Decision Inc. , companies can gain the ultimate business advantage with an intelligent, next-generation Finance system. It consolidates financial, managerial, and operational data in a unified in-memory system that accelerates performance with real-time processes and analytics deployed in the cloud, on premise, or in a hybrid model. The result is a rock-solid digital core to address end-to-end finance needs.

Financial planning and analysis:

Accelerate planning cycles and enable decisions based on real-time insights.


Treasury management:

Optimize working capital with forward-looking insights into cash flow, risk, and liquidity.


Governance, risk, and compliance:

Safeguard your company and processes with embedded GRC and cybersecurity controls and monitoring.

Accounting and finance close:

Automate complex closing cycles and consolidate with direct access to the required transactions.


Financial operations:

Deliver superior service and collaboration that streamlines core finance processing across receivables, payables, real estate, tax, and travel management.


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