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 Financial Consolidation

Simplify your financial consolidation and close with ease.

Streamline financial consolidation and close, addressing complex accounting and reporting requirements

Financial consolidation’s function has been completely revolutionised over the past 3 years. The need for streamlined and automated financial consolidation processes has become more important than ever before.

Consolidating financial results in a global enterprise is more than just rolling up numbers. It requires a software solution that has the ability to support US GAAP, IFRS, and other accounting guidelines – while dealing with additional complexities such as currency translation, intercompany eliminations, journal adjustments and complex ownership structures.

The solution must be able to integrate data from multiple sources, with completeness, accuracy and drill-back capabilities. To address global reporting requirements, the solution must be able to consolidate and report financial and operating results across multiple hierarchies including management, legal, tax and other rollups. And the entire process needs to be completed with speed and accuracy, with full audit trails and the appropriate internal controls.

Streamline Financial Close and Consolidation


Improve Confidence in Financial Results

Increase Operational Insights & Actions

Get Full Visibility of Your Consolidated Financials

Streamline and Automate Your Financial Consolidation Processes

Utilise an Excel-like interface and debit/credit format to streamline intercompany eliminations, journal entries, and more.

It’s simple to categorise pre-eliminations, eliminations, and adjustments. Minority interest and ownership percentages are user-defined and automatically calculated. The automated currency conversion and cumulative translation adjustment simplifies complex multi-currency financial consolidations.

Get Full Visibility Into Your Consolidated Financials at Any Time & Anywhere

Business planning and financial consolidation happens in real time – there are no batch jobs and no long-running processes, so you always have visibility during the close.

Built-in rule intelligence automates intercompany eliminations, reclassifications, and allocations. For even more insight, you can drill down into the details behind.

Our Financial Consolidation & Close Services

Financial Consolidation and Reporting

We support true statutory financial reporting requirements, including GAAP, IFRS, Multi-GAAP and local statutory requirements.

Financial Aggregation Engine

If cells require consolidation, the system recognises the impacted status. Node level adjustments that allow an adjustment to an entity only as it pertains to one specific hierarchical roll up.


Internal Risk Control

Deliver confidence in external and management reporting with high-performing and true statutory compliant consolidation functionality – without compromising the delivery of operationally relevant management reporting.

Intelligent Consolidation

Guesswork that typically goes along with a consolidation and reporting process is eliminated. Our Intelligent Consolidation is financial process aware and knows what and when to consolidate.

Complete Cash Flow Reporting

Improved insight into the real FX impact of currency on every balance sheet account through roll forward members that detail movements and changes for complete cash flow reporting.


Intercompany Eliminations

It becomes easy to visualise the impact of acquisitions and other business changes. Intercompany eliminations occur automatically at the first common parent in every alternate hierarchy. 

Our Financial Consolidation & Close Technologies

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