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Coping with disruptive changes

Organisations will be throwing out their 5-year plans and trying to rapidly develop very tactical scenario plans.

We believe the need for short-term planning has never been greater to answer the growing list of questions being asked by the business.

With the current uncertainty and disruptions in the market, companies are struggling to deal with the volume and pace of change. Across the organisation leaders need to understand and make decisions on a range of new variables such as:

Changes in legislation

– Business rates relief
– Possible VAT holidays
– Loans available
– Support for employee wages

Changes to customer behaviour

A remote and potentially compromised workforce

Moving to electronic ways of working and transacting with other businesses

Transport disruptions

Managing During a Time of Crisis

Managing businesses and decision-making during times of crisis requires a different approach to respond to shifting dynamics on an hourly basis.

Companies need to understand rapidly the impact of various factors on their performance and develop operational plans to execute within the defined requirements.

Driving alignment and ensuring clarity across the entire organisation is a critical success factor to ensure accurate execution.

Our Approach

Business is faced with so many different variables and scenarios to contend with and respond to quickly:

  • Overwhelming disruption to the global economy
  • Supply chain resilience is at a huge premium
  • Questions over whether China should continue as the global manufacturing hub
  • Recession looming large and into focus
  • Shoring up precious cash reserves
  • Credit markets on the verge of seizing up

The majority of companies have never needed to plan this quickly and with such precision with these variables or for these scenarios and therefore don’t have the tools, processes or expertise to deal with them with the speed and agility needed.

The challenge with conventional planning approaches is that it often focused on long term outputs and requires significant time and detail to arrive at a final plan.

Our Coronavirus Planning approach is tailored to the immediate requirements companies are facing to assess the impact on their businesses performance and finance requirements.

Decision Inc.’s consulting team work remotely with your finance and operational teams using leading technology to rapidly develop financial models and scenario models leveraging our Best Practice Knowledge Solutions.

The Decision Inc. planning solutions focuses on the following key areas:

  • Revenue and Cost scenario modelling and forecasting
  • Focused planning for Working Capital and impact of changes to cash flow
  • Financial Statement modelling to facilitate key financing discussions
  • Business unit planning across operational metrics to drive financial outcomes
  • Expense management and optimization to support cash flow
  • Driver based planning and modelling

Key Benefits

Increased Time to Value

Run your data through pre-built planning models giving you the output and insight you need.

Cost effective solution

Get the planning outcomes you need to reduce the impact on your business without having to own the software or skill up your staff.

Reduce impact on business

Quickly run scenario modelling and see the impact on revenue, cashflow, profit, staff and supply chain.

Make better decisions, faster

Get actionable insights from real-time scenario modelling to make the right decisions, faster to keep your business moving forward.

This Allows you to Achieve:

  • Understand current state and what areas to focus on
  • Forecast cash and understand financing requirements
  • Make informed short-term tactical decisions
  • Run different scenario models across multiple variables
  • Help their business adapt and survive

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