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Business Planning

Active business planning is collaborative, comprehensive, and continuous – giving you the speed to adapt your plans and make better decisions, faster

Collaboratively plan, model, access real-time analytics, and streamline your complex reporting

The function of business planning has been completely revolutionised in the past 3 years. The need for continuous on-demand planning has become more important than ever before.

Technology is leading the way to enable organisations to successfully plan how to deal with unexpected market fluctuations, and to optimise opportunities as they present themselves.

Planning to outperform your competitors and to beat social or market disruptions that impact your business can be done with clearly articulated financial planning transformation processes that incorporate the latest global planning trends, best in class technology, change management, industry starter kits and functional and technical specialist skills.

Perform Demand Scenario Planning to align to chaotic markets


Connect Real-Time Operational Drivers with Financial Plans


Have a continuous view of your future actions and decisions

Spend less time collecting data and more time analysing results

How we’ve helped our customers with Business Planning

Reduced Planning Time by 60% in a leading SA Manufacturer

Improved Operational & Financial Integration by 200% in a leading SA FMCG Company

Decreased errors and improved data integrity in a leading SA Retailer

Use Active Planning and improve your business agility

Using manual spreadsheets and processes, or legacy on-premises solutions, is no longer viable in today’s fast-paced market. Static planning is an outdated approach that creates risk and wastes productive time.

Enable your organisation to use active planning to transform your balance sheet and cash flow plans, revenue forecasts, headcount analyses, budgets, and expense plans.

Utilise an active planning process so that your planning is collaborative, comprehensive, and continuous – giving you the speed to adapt your plan by using data from all areas of your business.


Drive business performance with Financial Intelligence

Powerful, built-in financial intelligence and analytics help you understand your business better – meaning you can spend less time compiling numbers and spend more time advising your business partners on the insights gained.

Interactive dashboards instantly outline variances in a waterfall chart, compare periods, add multiple dimensions to your charts, drill down into source transactional data to get context, and take action by re-planning and forecasting. It’s all connected to the same data sources, so the data is always accurate and up to date.

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