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User Experience 

In an age where we have mountains of quantitative user behaviour data, your company’s real differentiator is understanding what drives that behaviour, and their understanding of your interface.

By putting users at the centre of your interface design can have a positive effect on the world, reaching beyond just the specific environment in which it exists

A badly design user interface at Three Mile Island caused a level 5 nuclear catastrophe in 1979.

 The reason behind the catastrophe? An indicator switch that looked as though it indicated a crucial valve’s open/closed status, in fact only indicated whether the valve was receiving power or not. This meant technicians were unaware that the nuclear coolant was escaping, leading to the nuclear meltdown.

Although this is an extreme example, and you may think  that design doesn’t hold as much responsibility in your business, the truth is: user experience may be affecting your business negatively.

Are your users able to interpret your interface successfully? Can they avoid making mistakes, and reach their objectives quickly and easily?



Deliver value and vision in every feature with UX


UX marries business objectives and user needs

Drive user adoption in a down economy

How we’ve helped our customers with User Experience

Leading Property Group mitigates risk by implementing an easy to use risk register

Leading global inspection specialist company digitises their operational management

South African Talent Mapping specialist augments their service offering with digital platform

Use User Experience to differentiate your business

Central to the success of every project is the ability to interact with end users and empathise with what their problems are, before determining what problem needs to be solved. 

We’re able to assist with creating experiences that your clients will love, and we do this using the following process.


Stakeholder engagement

Competitor Analysis

User Research

Contextual Enquiries


Persona Definition

Problem Statement

Objective Alignment


Future state Visioning

Ideation Workshops







User Stories


Usability Testing

User Validation

Data Analytics

Focused resources, where they matter most

By solidifying the goals and the overarching process, resources are focused where they matter most.

By prototyping, the investment into solving the problem is made before anything is committed to code – which has major cost benefits and gives us the opportunity to check with your customers and users if the prototype solution meets business needs.

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