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Service Design

A complete systematic view of your customer’s use of your services

When we consider the entire ecosystem of actions that users experience while using services, it adds value far beyond just a single interface

Over the last few decades, we’ve transitioned from an economy driven by manufacturing to delivering services. We now live in a subscription economy and if your service fails to deliver on its value proposition, customers will not continue to buy and use your products and services.

While most believe that entire systems should be digitised, by utilising traditional user experience methodologies and taking into account your customers’ pain points and user behaviour outside of the realm of a screen, you can implement the absolute best digital solution for your customers. 

Service design is part of this overall experience – and a poor overall experience will detract from the product design you put so much time and effort into. Service design includes user experience design, but also looks at systematic failure and policies within your business that could negatively affect your customers.