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Data & Analytics

Unlock the Power of Data & Analytics in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

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Putting Intelligence at the Centre of Your Business

Unlock the power of your data by transforming it into intelligent action.

Solve your business problems faster, at scale and more accurately.

Deliver a connected experience to your Customers, Partners, Employees and Things.

Our work with customers over the last 10 years has consistently helped them deliver real business value


Reduction in time taken to prepare executive market share reports for global retailer by using our analytics platform


Return on investment for services client after 3.4 months of using consolidated data platform and reporting tools


Increase in reporting platform performance by National Hospital Group


Increase in team productivity for a global bank after switching to our regulatory reporting platform

The Role of Data in the Fourth Industrial Revolution


The world is moving from the Computing Era into the Information Era and with that Data has become the most valuable commodity. Unlocking the power of your data is not possible if Intelligence is not placed at the heart of the business.

The Data and Analytics environment needs to become the epicentre of engagement and interaction between Customers, Partners, Employees and Things. Companies need to deliver connected experiences of information to not just their executives but all their employees and customers.

In today’s complex, competitive environment customers are demanding better engagement and acknowledgement from business. Therefore the personalisation of their experience with your brand is vitally important.  Failing to do this will result in low engagement and customers that are easily influenced by your competitors. 

Key Focus Areas for Your Data Journey

Modern Data Platform

Build a scalable data platform with a clear focus for the future

Enterprise Data Management

Resolve data issues and ensure a more consistent approach and strategy to your data

Scaling in the Cloud

Leverage the scalability and security the cloud provides, accessing new capabilities across your business

Data Science & AI

Enable predictive analytics models in data platforms and use ML and AI to provide greater insights

Modern Data Platform

Building a scalable data platform with a clear focus for the future

  • Enabling more than Mode 1 and 2 reporting
  • Building scalable data models
  • Enabling automation in data preparation
  • Enabling advanced analytics
  • Creating use from third party data sources
  • Managing unstructured data

Enterprise Data Management

Our EDM framework enables us to deliver complex and scalable data environments across the enterprise.

  • Enterprise Data Management Framework
  • Data Quality and accuracy
  • Data Governance Framework
  • Metadata management

Scaling in the Cloud

The Cloud presents significant opportunities to access technology and innovation offerings at massive scale.

  • Leveraging the scale of cloud data platforms
  • Moving to consumption based analytics
  • Scaling storage and reducing on premise cost
  • Leveraging distributed data sources across the cloud

Data Science & AI

Enable predictive analytics models in data platforms and use ML and AI to provide greater insights

  • Building data science models for broader consumption
  • Enabling predictive analytics models in data platforms
  • Enabling ML and AI to provide greater insights
  • Enabling Augmented analytics and data management

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