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Field Service


Resolve service issues the first time – delivering exceptional customer experiences every time 

Get the right technician to the right place at the right time, fixing the problem first time.

Traditionally, every time something breaks, you send someone to fix it. But this model is not scalable as service organisations only have limited resources to meet increasing customer demand. Legacy systems lead to inadequate enablement of technicians. Technicians require connected and productive systems that help them to achieve goals, but disconnected and fragmented systems hinder their productivity.

Technology is evolving at a rapid rate changing the Field Service landscapeTo remain competitive, field service organisations must continually adapt and readjust their focus to take advantage of new opportunities and grow.

With the advent of advanced analytics, machine learning, and augmented reality capabilities, organisations are moving towards using a proactive support model allows technicians to proactively monitor and maintain equipment and devices. Predictive maintenance is being driven by data analytics, ensuring proactive customer engagement.

The changing landscape of Field Service

Increased use of proactive support models

Using a proactive support model allows technicians to proactively monitor and maintain equipment and devices.

Real-time insights and troubleshooting

Real-time insights and augmented reality capabilities deliver next generation field services capabilities to technicians with the right information at the right time for the right people.

Predictive maintenance driven by analytics

Predictive maintenance is driven by data analytics, ensuring proactive customer engagement. Data analytics ensure proactive, connected, and omni-channel engagement.

Leveraging an Intelligent Field Service Solution


  • Stay up to date with work orders from start to close
  • Automatically schedule to align the right job skills and best location to get more appointments per day
  • Enhance collaboration between customer service agents, technicians, and other resources
  • Effectively track customer equipment and service history
  • Easily manage stock, purchase orders, fulfilment requests, and product returns
  • Auto-generate invoices based on services delivered to customers
  • Accurately track time taken by resources on work, travelling, and breaks
  • Moving from costly scheduled maintenance plans to just-in-time predictive maintenance

Work order management

Scheduling and dispatch tools


Communication tools

Asset management

Inventory management

Preventative maintenance

Billing capabilities

Route optimisation