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Microsoft Dynamics 365 MARKETING

Align marketing and sales to give your customer a consistent and personalised experience across the entire buyers’ journey to drive demand.

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Run targeted multi-channel campaigns and nurture these prospects into engaged customers.

Businesses face new and complex marketing challenges while navigating this data-driven world. Every company wants to expand and grow sales. Delivering on these goals has only become more difficult.

Siloed Marketing, Sales and Service systems lead to unsynchronised views of leads and contacts. Sales and Marketing come to believe the other is not performing as it should, and 49% of sales reps ignore than half the leads marketing provides.

With our Marketing Customer Engagement Solution, organisations can gain deeper insights about their customers and drive personalised business processes and experiences across marketing, sales, and service.


New approach to creating personalised customer experiences and generating demand


Unify Customer Data

Unify customer data, and bring together data from many sources to gain actionable personalised insights and increase demand. 


Run Multi-Channel Campaigns

Use extensive customer journey management capabilities across multiple channels to create long-term relationships with customers.


Align Marketing & Sales

Enhance communication between your business units to achieve greater knowledge, better communication, and increased efficiencies.


Lead Generation & Nurturing

Email Marketing

Event Management

Social Media Marketing


Automated Campaigns

Tracking & Reporting

Personalise buyer experiences to increase demand

  • Build customer journeys based on prospect buying behaviour and preferences to engage customers with the right message, at the right time, in the right channel.
  • Attract the right prospects by running targeted, multi-channel marketing campaigns using marketing automation capabilities that include email marketing, web landing pages, events, telemarketing, SMS integration, and LinkedIn integration.
  • Create campaign assets quickly with marketing automation features such as configurable templates, reusable content blocks, and design tools.
  • Simplify event management with an attendee-facing web portal and registration, session, speaker, and venue-logistics management capabilities—including integration with ON24 and other webinar providers.

Align Marketing and Sales Efforts

  • Create a single view of prospects and unify data across contacts, leads, and customers with Sales Customer Engagement Solution.
  • Identify, target, and close top accounts with personalised, account-based content and nurture activities using automated email marketing campaigns.
  • Track and prioritise leads across all touchpoints with multiple lead-scoring models and sales readiness grades.
  • Increase productivity and improve coordination between marketing and sales with prebuilt workflows that automatically hand off sales-ready leads and drive follow-ups.

Make Informed Decisions

  • Improve marketing effectiveness with prebuilt dashboards and marketing analysers—or build your own custom dashboards.
  • Test and choose the right content using built-in A/B testing and the ability to include fully rendered dynamic content. Send messages at the right time with smart scheduler, and improve open rates using spam score.
  • Better understand customer needs by monitoring the customer journey and gathering information using surveys.
  • Target the right audience and focus on the highest-priority leads. Set up multiple lead-scoring models to enrich customer engagements.

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