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Decision Inc. CEO Nick Bell and director Paul Morgan will join a diverse panel of technology thought leaders at the upcoming Mastering Business Analytics with SAP conference taking place 25-27th February in Johannesburg this year.

They are amongst the 27 speakers carefully selected by the Mastering Business Analytics Advisory Team of SAP to discuss all the latest trends and developments in SAP and provide critical insight on how to get the best out of business intelligence, data management and business analytics implementations.

“For any SAP and SAP BusinessObjects specialist, Mastering Business Analytics is a key event to attend. We are proud to join such an esteemed panel of speakers from all over the world to share some of our thoughts and views on the impact of these solutions in the market,” says Nick Bell, CEO of Decision Inc.

More than 100 people from 60 companies collaborated and debated in round table discussions that took place in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban to base the agenda on 11 critical business topics. These include the value of analytics for business, data management, Big Data, visualisation, and the future of analytics.

“As an SAP Special Expertise Partner (Business Intelligence), Decision Inc. is in the fortunate position of being able to provide insight from its numerous implementations across industry sectors. Business intelligence has matured significantly, and is a critical asset no company can afford to be without. This event is ideal for those who are looking to invest in SAP’s analytics and database technologies as well as clients who already have the technology, but want to investigate using it more effectively and increasing adoption, driving real change through the organisation,” says Bell.

Bell and Morgan will discuss how companies can fast-track analytic implementations to make better decisions, faster. They will review client case studies where quick returns on investment in business intelligence tools helped drive adoption rates and increase efficiencies.

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