Organisations have an opportunity to gain a competitive edge by investing in data-driven technologies to inform and empower sellers, minimising admin, improving seller responsiveness and driving deeper customer engagements at scale.

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Empower you sales team to sell smarter and make better decision faster utilising data-driven sales technologies

Modern sellers are overburdened with processes, information, tools, and repetitive tasks. Today, sales professionals work with an average of 6.8 stakeholders and 16 colleagues per deal. That means longer and more complex sales cycles.

What’s more, a lot of companies suffer from disconnected processes and tools—59% of sellers say they have too many sales tools. This makes it difficult for sellers to stay productive, which is likely why they spend only 32% of their time actually selling. What’s more, the fast-paced sales environment makes it difficult to cultivate deeper relationships with customers. Consequently, only 18% of salespeople are considered trusted advisors by buyers. 

Businesses that are embracing intelligent sales tools are differentiating themselves from the competition and winning more sales opportunities than companies that rely solely on instinct to make decisions. To become a high-performing organisation, you will need to turn to analytics—and even AI—to proactively prioritise which deals to address and which sellers to coach. 

Decision Inc.’s Sales Solutions have been developed with our clients to leverage the exciting potential of data to drive Sales performance and effectiveness.


increased sales from customer loyalty application


time saving in producing sales reports


increase in turnover ROI due to improved Sales Planning


increase in revenue YoY due to price optimisation

Our Sales Solutions

Revenue Management

Maximise the revenue opportunities your products offer to build a more efficient and profitable business. Build smarter strategies to capture cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, and make more informed, proactive decisions about critical product end-of-life, seasonality, and supply/demand trends.

Sales Planning

Quickly optimise sales resources, increase rep performance, and improve predictability. Create rep capacity plans to meet topline bookings targets. Deploy the right quotas and set up balanced territories. Collaborate on what-if sales scenarios. Get a single source of truth by linking your sales and financial plans.

Customer Loyalty

Deepen satisfaction and loyalty by using data to deliver a great customer experience. Bring all your customer data and feedback together with analytics that help you proactively manage and improve the customer experience

Sales Force Management

Boost sales productivity with seamless tools. Free up more time for engagement using familiar and cohesive tools and intelligent automation to streamline the sales process.

Customer Engagement

With marketplace expectations soaring and competitors constantly innovating, delighting customers with a great experience is essential for sustaining sales growth.

Advanced Analytics

Focus on the right customers, build trusted relationships, and take swift action using AI-driven guidance to optimise buying experiences. Better predict sales forecasts and manage the pipeline, sales teams need visibility into the full sales process.

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