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Organisations have an opportunity to gain a competitive edge by investing in data-driven technologies to inform and empower sellers, minimising admin, improving seller responsiveness and driving deeper customer engagements at scale.

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Empower you sales team to sell smarter and make better decision faster utilising data-driven sales technologies

Modern sellers are overburdened with processes, information, tools, and repetitive tasks. Today, sales professionals work with an average of 6.8 stakeholders and 16 colleagues per deal. That means longer and more complex sales cycles.

What’s more, a lot of companies suffer from disconnected processes and tools—59% of sellers say they have too many sales tools. This makes it difficult for sellers to stay productive, which is likely why they spend only 32% of their time actually selling. What’s more, the fast-paced sales environment makes it difficult to cultivate deeper relationships with customers. Consequently, only 18% of salespeople are considered trusted advisors by buyers. 

Businesses that are embracing intelligent sales tools are differentiating themselves from the competition and winning more sales opportunities than companies that rely solely on instinct to make decisions. To become a high-performing organisation, you will need to turn to analytics—and even AI—to proactively prioritise which deals to address and which sellers to coach.