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Robotic Process Automation: The Future Way of Working


Dramatically reduce operating costs with zero error rates. No need to change any of your underlying business systems or applications.


Scale on demand and increase business agility. No need to change any part of the existing business processes.


Business users build and deploy RPA bots in a matter of weeks and see ROI in a matter of days.

What is RPA?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the use of customisable software with machine learning capabilities (often with Artificial Intelligence (AI) integration) which use software robots, or “bots” to complete high-volume, repeatable tasks that historically required a human worker to complete or support.

While the term RPA has negative connotations (such as job losses for humans currently performing these tasks) the ideal is to create a Digital Workforce of intelligent bots that work hand in hand with your human employees – allowing them to focus on more strategic roles in the business – ultimately enabling you to scale your business more efficiently, effectively and at a lower cost.

Software robots and RPA

RPA bots are configurable software that, once you show them what to do, interact with any system or application. Bots learn and can be cloned; giving any organisation access to easily configurable software robots that are scalable on-demand, increasing your business’ agility.

With zero error rates and no changes to underlying business systems, applications or processes, deploying your digital workforce of bots takes a matter of weeks, and shows a return on investment (ROI) in a matter of days. You have complete control over your bots – start, stop and scale your RPA robots on demand.

Building your truly Digital Workforce

While automating any manual and repetitive process through RPA is exceptionally valuable to any business, enhanced value comes from building a truly automated workforce.

Intelligent bots with cognitive and analytical capability through the integration of AI, enables these intelligent bots to learn as they work. This Digital Workforce of intelligent bots is empowered to automate even more complex tasks, while providing in-depth analytical data that can be used to enhance business processes, and expanded automation into these areas.

Will RPA work for my business?

If you have a business with any process that is: manual, repeatable, or excessively time consuming, then RPA is for you. RPA is deployable in any industry, can plug-and-play with any applications or systems you may have (current or legacy), and can be executed to automate any process.

By adding cognitive automation to the RPA process, your digital workforce can even handle complex, unstructured information – automating any business process from end to end.

Use RPA to accelerate Digital Transformation

Due to the sheer flexibility, scalability and speed of execution of RPA, every aspect of your digital transformation strategy and execution can be accelerated.

Business Benefits of Robotic Process Automation

– Scale your Digital Workforce capacity on-demand
– Maximise accuracy of business processes with bots that deliver 100% accuracy, all the time
– Add to your overall Business Intelligence overview with detailed performance and operational insights from your intelligent bots
– Increase your business process speed with bots that execute quickly and efficiently, at a consistently high pace of delivery
– RPA runs non-stop, allowing you to maximise business availability with bots that never sleep
– Accelerate digital transformation through the extension of your automation footprint and using insights from RPA to change the way you do business
– Improve your business process compliance and auditability

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