Aspen Pharmacare, a leading global manufacturer of medications and products, is one of the largest drug manufacturers in Southern Africa.

BI Survey 2016 BARC

BARC BI Survey 2016 – Qlik Summary The BI Survey 16, conducted by the Business Application Research Center (BARC), is the world’s largest independent survey of BI end users. The

Wesizwe Platinum drives seamless operations with Decision Inc.’s SAP budgeting solution implementation

Photo credit from Wesizwe website Wesizwe Platinum drives seamless operations with Decision Inc.’s SAP budgeting solution implementation Wesizwe Platinum, a local platinum mining corporation in South Africa with a strong

Putting data on the balance sheet to drive value

White paper: Putting data on the balance sheet by the Decision Inc. Data Management Team Data is an intangible concept. It can’t be held, but it can be harnessed. It

Qlik Sense: Widget or Extension?

Widget or Extension? By the Decision Inc. Cape Town team   “Should I use an extension or a widget?” – A question we often ask ourselves while investigating how to

Qlik Sense Server

Qlik Sense Server: A Consultant’s Insight By Decision Inc. Cape Town Qlik Sense has replaced the QV Small Business Server as the solution for small to medium enterprises, and we

Adcorp Group drives innovation with Microsoft SharePoint

Bolstered by a R1-million prize, C-Suite backing, and a portal developed by Decision Inc., Adcorp’s Dragons’ Den initiative has harnessed the innovative ideas of its South African employees to generate an expected profit of R300-million over the next five years.

Tsogo Sun

Decision Inc. proposed developing the new Customer Hub on Microsoft SharePoint technology with additional customisation and workflow integration


Tracker South Africa is a technology company, and the web has become a more important channel through which to reach new and existing customers.


The Vega School website ( plays a significant role in driving student acquisition. It is used as the primary contact point to advertise the programmes

Decision Inc. redefines contract management with Leges

  Decision Inc. redefines contract management with Leges Decision Inc., management and technology consulting organisation, has developed Leges, a contract management solution designed to help organisations mitigate risk, such as

Is the cloud ready for Financial Performance Management?

  Is the cloud ready for Financial Performance Management? By Allan Saffy, General Manager: Enterprise Performance Management, Decision Inc. Finance is arguably one of the most important functions within your

The Real Business of Digital Transformation

Sensationalism. What better way to provoke a response from an audience than through sensationalism? It is a tool used often by the famous, but while their use may be a lot noisier, it is not exclusively theirs for the taking. It is used by media and business to ignite responses in the corporate space just as effectively, but it has its downsides and should be accompanied by three simple words: use with care.

The Supply Chain Advantage

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that this saying has been overhauled for the digital era. Organisations are swimming in lakes of information and, to take the analogy even further, dripping in data. But few are able to translate this data into something of value, into something which can make a tangible difference to bottom line and business.

Going Viral: Influencing Business Intelligence Solution Adoption

The modern conundrum. A business is facing a complex challenge, a need to transform productivity, reduce costs or drive sales. The result is investment into a solution which addresses this challenge using the latest analytics technology. This solution is then rolled out across the company to much business applause. It is going to revolutionise the way things are done. It will cut task time in half.