Digital Transformation – from the desk of Nick Bell

The world we live in today is changing at an unprecedented rate. Technology innovation and globalization is more than ever providing organizations with the ability to become global businesses ..

The three questions every organisation should be asking

The three questions every organisation should be asking - read the latest edition of Brainstorm

Transform your Retail Financial Planning Process

Understanding the much needed strategic adjustments retailers are making reveals the adaptations finance teams must make in order to support their business. Each of these strategic adjustments has an impact on the finance team, one way or another.

Less Budgeting, more Rolling Forecasts

Businesses face a world where the market becomes more competitive by the day and the only constant is change. Any business requires the ability to adapt, embrace and grow with this change.

HR Planning Challenge Facing Retailers in 2018

In an article I published recently called “How retail finance teams impact their business by transforming financial planning processes that incorporate meaningful operational levers “, one of the problems I touched on was how difficult it is for retailers to have a realistic view of the impact their HR strategy has on their profitability.

Multi-Channel Reporting in Retail Organisations

In an article I published recently called “How retail finance teams impact their business by transforming financial planning processes that incorporate meaningful operational levers“, one of the problems I touched on was how finance teams are helping business unpack the impact new sales channels are having on the entire organisation.

The role of data and analytics in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality, the list goes on. These are considered important elements of the Fourth Industrial Revolution that blurs the lines between physical, digital, and biological. Central to this lies data and analytics. So, how can African organisations benefit from this dynamic new environment?

Benefitting from an Information Landscape Audit

The explosive growth of big data means companies can gain greater insights across the entire organisation. Thanks to the real-time nature of the digital world, decision-makers can more dynamically react to market conditions than in the past. A vital tool, which helps unpack the potential in this environment, is the Information Landscape Audit (ILA).

The dangers of using spreadsheets for Financial Planning & Analysis

The spreadsheet has become such a ubiquitous tool in finance that people hardly notice it anymore. But in a world where digital transformation requires different data approaches, does our reliance on this traditional solution pose a risk to business?


Reflecting back on my opening address over the last 2 years presents an interesting read as we discuss the focus on doing more with less and talking about working in

Decision Inc. migrates Khumani to SharePoint

Complete migration to Microsoft SharePoint enables Khumani Iron Ore Mine to significantly streamline processes and improve efficiencies.

Finding business fitness in 2018

The past few months have put South African organisations under pressure, forced to prove their mettle against relentless economic and political turbulence. Uncertainty hovered as dark as any summer storm over the country as it waited for the results of the ANC elective conference In December, but the results have seen some sun part the clouds.

How Can FP&A Get the Most Out of Excel?

Excel has been quite the lightning rod recently in the wake of a Wall Street Journal article that focused on finance practitioners who are moving away from single-user spreadsheets. The reaction to the story made

Decision Inc. transforms NPO systems

mothers2mothers has migrated from a manual spreadsheet-based system to a Decision Inc. developed Adaptive Insights solution to rapidly transform its business operations.  Decision Inc. has completed the implementation of its

Drive Better Decisions by Integrating ERP & Finance Systems

Having a core set of data, both operational and financial, that’s common across the company enables visibility into what the data means and facilitates consistent communication about performance.

Decision Inc. takes the SA Qlik Partner of the Year Award home again

Decision Inc., an information strategy and technology consulting organisation, was awarded SA Qlik Partner of the Year 2017 for the second year in a row at the prestigious Qlik Partner