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In an industry where tenant retention and managing vacancies is critical, the property sector is driven by effective data analysis. Without it, property investors cannot hope to operate as effectively as their more digitally-enabled competitors and will lose momentum as 2020 takes shape.

Client Case Study

Decision Inc. enhances actionable insights for leading South African Property Management Group

Decision Inc. leverages Qlik reporting to provide near real-time monitoring of operational mall queries and requests for real estate investment trust, Attacq.

Attacq contracted Decision Inc. to assist with enhancing the MyBuildings mobile app with data analytics and reporting capabilities, to ensure it accurately and effectively manages its tenants and building needs across South Africa. The ability to methodically and consistently generate high levels of service delivery are a distinguishing characteristic for any business enterprise.

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(Grant Wing, Head of Digital and Enterprise Risk at Attacq Property Group, delves into the detail)

Data Management of Property

Decision Inc. property management specialist, Kate Mcfarlane, says in an industry where tenant retention and managing vacancies is critical, the commercial property sector should be driven by effective data analysis.

This enables analysis to deliver measurable results, examining data from tenants, property managers, area-related statistics and the industry to get a real-time view of what is required for service delivery and investment opportunities.

Read Kate McFarlane’s full article which featured in
Business Day April edition “Trends Driving Growth” below.

Client Case Study

City Property can now compile a reporting pack in 2 minutes as opposed to 2 weeks

Access to near real-time data is critical to any finance based organisation, and the QlikView implementation has resulted in a significant improvement in reporting efficiency. Previously, it took 3 people 2 weeks to generate the required reports, information is now available immediately on demand for whoever requires it.

City Property is a residential and commercial property management company whose managed portfolio consists of 433 buildings, including 9 963 flats, with a combined lettable area of commercial space in excess of 1.5 million square meters.

The properties are diverse in nature, ranging from traditional shopping malls, convenience shopping centres, industrial workshops, warehouses, offices, retail shops, and residential flats.

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