Property Management Solution

Property management solutions offer residential and commercial property owners an integrated platform to optimise their property portfolio, manage assets, facilities and workforce, analyse markets, reduce investment risk and improve business performance. The all-in-one cloud platform provides an accurate view of your accounts, with real-time access to information, in-depth insights and interactive data visualisation to support effective decision-making.


Manage properties and stay in touch with collaborators, tenant and residents via a cloud-based system that integrates management and accounting functions in one comprehensive and collaborative platform.

  • Get an overview of the residential and commercial estate under management
  • Manage accounting, budgeting, procurement, invoicing and reporting
  • Share information easily among your team members and other stakeholders


Improve facilities management with an end-to-end solution that integrates assets, infrastructure, projects and workforce allocation, improves visibility across the board and helps your business deliver more efficient services to the end user.

  • Get increased visibility on all current and outstanding projects
  • Create, update, approve, manage and track work progress
  • Automate and standardise facilities operations using business intelligence


Implement, manage and maintain utility networks using smart metering technologies that generate accurate and up-to-date information and ensure full transparency in the consumption and payment of utilities.

  • Automate utilities management, admin, reporting and billing
  • Maximise utility income and revenue collection from residents
  • Promote transparent reporting and communication processes

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