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Internal Stores Requisition Management (ISRM)

Internal Stores Requisition Management (ISRM) has been developed to improve the functioning of stores within an organisation.

As part of the value- added functionality, users can communicate requirements electronically via an internal stores requisition.

This requisition is routed to the appropriate people for approval, using mobile devices if desired. Once approved,
the store is immediately notified to pick the goods (parts, consumables, etc.) needed, and the requestor is advised of the approval.

A requisition contains useful information such as: the required date, the department or cost code, unit costs, number of units required, maintenance job card numbers, part numbers and part descriptions.

Reduce Buffer Inventory

Automatically Trigger Plan-Driven Procurement


Reduce Costs

Dynamics 365 ISRM Benefits

  • Improved accountability and traceability of stores
  • Reduces buffer inventory (stock holding), which reduces costs
  • Visibility of requisition and issue status
  • Visibility of materials charged to specific jobs or departments
  • Integrates with back office
  • Inter-organisation shipping network
  • Flexible processing
  • Reduced warehousing, shipping and handling costs
  • Automatically generates inventory replenishment requisitions and re-ordering
  • Order management improved
  • Booking stock management

What Does Dynamics 365 ISRM Do?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has been extended by Decision Inc. to include D365 Internal Stores Requisition Management (ISRM).

D365 ISRM facilitates an automated environment to track, manage and approve Purchase Order Requests and Reservations. It provides management with increased control over transactions (cost, outstanding orders, budget alignment and commitments) and allows for full audit trail functionality.

Workflow allows for full control over who is permitted to initiate, create or approve orders based on company specific authority levels. Integrated dashboards support real-time information to drive cost reduction and optimal inventory levels.

Using D365 ISRM corporate budgets are enforced throughout the entire requisition and procurement process.


Key Features

  • Review, edit, approve or reject requisitions

  • Multiple workflow processes

  • Approval levels per employee


  • Requisition & issue status available to users
  • Contract management
  • Catalogue management
  • Budget support


  • Inventory & materials management

  • Multi-currency & multi-company

  • Inter-company transactions & reconciliation • Alerts & notifications

  • Vendor & Supplier portals

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