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Webinar: 2020 Data & BI Trends. Analytics Alone Is Not Longer Enough

Technology is getting more powerful every day. We have countless ways to collect information and connect people, yet the world has become more fragmented than ever before. It’s ironic ― and it’s holding businesses back.

Webinar: IT & Finance join forces to open the door to the Intelligent Enterprise

Part 1: The IT side of transformation

Executives are looking to CFOs for data-based insights that propel the business forward. They’re calling on the finance team to be the organization’s “analytics powerhouse,” driving the analytics agenda for the business.

Webinar: Financial and Regulatory Reporting in 2020:

How to Get Ahead

Please join Decision Inc. and Certent to learn more about how fitting the right technology into your reporting process will save you days in your close cycles while ensuring that the links between your financial and narrative information remain true and accurate.

Webinar: The Human Impact of Data Literacy - 5 Steps to Driving Data Leadership in 2020

Chances are, you’re already striving to get the most possible value from your data. But if you’re not addressing the human component, you’re missing a big opportunity. Join our partner Qlik for this webinar to discover the remarkable impact of data literacy

Webinar: Effectively Manage and Motivate your Remote Workforce

Remote working in virtual teams has quickly become our new norm. The accelerated change is largely due to the health and safety requirements of managing the global Covid19 Pandemic, but there are also proven upsides, including higher productivity, lower employee stress and improved retention.

Webinar: Rapid Scenario Modelling with PowerBI

Scenario modelling is critical in the state of volatility businesses find themselves in. External and operational forces are changing on a day to day basis. We can intuitively understand the scale of the problem, but we struggle, and its frankly impossible, to quantify the exact impact it will have in financial numbers off the top of our heads. This requires more complex maths and necessitates a model of some sort to calculate the combined impact of many variables changing at once.