How to Deliver More Accurate Financial Forecasts.

There’s more pressure than ever for finance teams to deliver accurate, updated forecasts. But increased volatility in the economy and business landscape can make that especially challenging. So what do you do when unforeseen factors disrupt your numbers?

Want to Be Disruptive in 2017? Start with Budgeting.

What organizations should disrupt are their budgeting processes. Here are five ways to take a fresh look at your business budgeting and planning processes this year.

Ignite Cross-Functional Engagement in Your Planning Process

You want full business partner participation in planning, budgeting, and forecasting but you struggle to engage other departments in the process. Does this sound familiar? Here are five tips to ignite cross-functional engagement ...

Could Rolling Forecasts make Bonuses Better?

Bonuses can be an effective and energizing incentive structure, pushing employees to meet or exceed sales goals with the promise of a payout. But recent headlines have shown the darker side ....

The importance of enterprise content management (ECM)

Wilhelm Greeff, business manager for business productivity solutions at Decision Inc. Data has become a mission-critical asset with companies investing significantly in analytics platforms to derive value from it. However,

Lombard Insurance cuts admin time from three months to one

Decision Inc., a solutions-driven organisation, has been working with Lombard Insurance to increase productivity and efficiency across various departments within the organisation. A recent Adaptive Insights implementation saw the company

The leadership team should be on the front line

The leadership team should be on the front line, says Decision Inc.’s Nick Bell. Posted by CFO South Africa.

Adoption of BPS needs to grow across industries

In the digital economy, business productivity solutions (BPS) have become essential to running an effective organisation. While various industries (like banking, supply chain, and FMCG) have readily embraced automation of their business processes, others (such as mining) are still very much pen-and-paper driven.

A new way of looking at business productivity

By Hein Taljaard, engagement lead for business productivity solutions at Decision Inc. Business productivity solutions have evolved significantly in recent years. Even in South Africa, workflow is taken more seriously

Decision Inc Newsletter #3 of 2017

2017 will once again be a year of great uncertainty for South African companies. The challenges that all our companies face in order to drive and stimulate growth remain top

Decision Inc. ignites international expansion with ABM Systems

Decision Inc. confirms its international expansion strategy with the acquisition of ABM Systems, a leading business intelligence and performance management company in Australia. “Part of our five-year strategy was the

Decision Inc. supports the Mother of Peace community on Mandela Day 2017

Nelson Mandela International Day is celebrated as an opportunity for people and organisations to give back to their communities, to change lives and make a difference. Decision Inc. believes that

My Big Startup Interview with Nick Bell

Angela Ho interviews Nick Bell, CEO at Decision Inc. on the global show of My Big Startup. Click here to download the interview: Nick Bell Interview – Part 1 Nick

Decision Inc. focuses on mobilizing business productivity at 2017 Share Conference

Decision Inc., a management and technology consulting organisation, confirms its commitment to innovative business solutions by exhibiting and presenting at the 2017 Share Conference. Desmond Struwig, Executive Head: Digital, will

Defining the duality of data governance

By Henri de Bruine, COO at Decision Inc. (Pty) Ltd.  In a world where technology terminology seems to hit trend and hype on an almost daily basis, data governance is