Digital transformation needs a business-focused approach

By Desmond Struwig, executive head of digital at Decision Inc. Discussions around digital transformation in South Africa are putting companies across industry sectors under pressure to embrace it or risk

Australian Data Specialists, Satsumas, join forces with ABM Systems

Following a period of collaboration, Satsumas will merge its business operations with Decision Inc.’s Australian company, ABM Systems. ABM Systems are specialists in helping clients improve business performance through analytical solutions. Decision Inc. is a global Data, Digital and Performance Intelligence business.

Zoona automates financial forecasting with Decision Inc.

Implementing Adaptive Insights has brought about significant operational improvements at Zoona, enabling the organisation to become more efficient and responsive to market demands.

WHITEPAPER: Implementing Data Driven Solutions

Data has been the gold of the digitalised organisation for many years, but with its potential has come pitfalls and complexities that few solutions have set out to solve. The lakes and pools of data that lie within the business remain a resource that can be tapped to fine tune productivity and potential, but there is a need to build more stable and robust solutions that aren’t just ticked boxes on a data to do list.

The Buzzword Isn’t Disruption, It’s Determination

Every other headline and insight demands that you become the ultimate sword in the disruption battle, but the real focus should be on determination.

5 Steps To A Multi-million Dollar Business Before 30

If you want the multi-million dollar business price tag, you’d better be ready to work for it. Turning your idea into a multi-million-dollar business before you hit 30 may sound impossible, but with the right attitude and commitment it’s just a long-term goal that you can achieve with the right mindset.

Three Habits That Underpin Entrepreneurial Success

Here are three powerful habits that will help you stay focused, define your entrepreneurial attitude and take your business from zero to hero.

8 Reasons Why Failure And Focus Are Essential To Business Success

PUBLICATION:  ENTREPRENEUR DATE:  04 JUNE 2018 There are two Fs that define the long-term and sustainable success of your business – Failure and Focus. There is an event that runs


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Numbers Without Narrative? Time to Rethink That Board Report.

In today’s data-deluged world, every CFO needs to be a storyteller ...

Decision Inc. drives Makro customer engagement

Makro has implemented a new mobile app that provides customers with innovative rewards based on analytics conducted by Decision Inc.

Digital Transformation – from the desk of Nick Bell

The world we live in today is changing at an unprecedented rate. Technology innovation and globalization is more than ever providing organizations with the ability to become global businesses ..

The three questions every organisation should be asking

The three questions every organisation should be asking - read the latest edition of Brainstorm

Transform your Retail Financial Planning Process

Understanding the much needed strategic adjustments retailers are making reveals the adaptations finance teams must make in order to support their business. Each of these strategic adjustments has an impact on the finance team, one way or another.

Less Budgeting, more Rolling Forecasts

Businesses face a world where the market becomes more competitive by the day and the only constant is change. Any business requires the ability to adapt, embrace and grow with this change.

HR Planning Challenge Facing Retailers in 2018

In an article I published recently called “How retail finance teams impact their business by transforming financial planning processes that incorporate meaningful operational levers “, one of the problems I touched on was how difficult it is for retailers to have a realistic view of the impact their HR strategy has on their profitability.