Intelligent business management drives SME success

“With Microsoft changing its business strategy in recent years to focus on smaller enterprises, Dynamics 365 Business Central is the exciting result. For us, it allows us to move away from traditional ERP into providing SMEs with intelligence business solutions.”

Make the change to self-service BI

If data-driven businesses in the digital world are to be successful, they must have an effective information strategy in place to drive growth and provide value.

Microsoft Power Platform – enabling and managing “citizen development”

Today the issue is how best to embrace digital technology and digitise all business processes in order to stay abreast of the rapid and unrelenting changes.

Modernising the mines

It’s hard to underplay the importance of the mining sector to South Africa. Historically, it’s been a key provider of exports, jobs and economic growth, but the country has struggled to come to terms with an industry that’s inevitably shrinking as reserves dry up.

Quick-fire Q&A with Nicholas Bell

Entrepreneurial spirit isn’t like instant coffee. Want to know what skills can help you build confidence and your business? Here are seven…

Managing Change: A digital transformation story

No organisation is immune to Digital Transformation, and those that think they are will undoubtedly face a future filled with uncertainty.

Data security critical for cloud-based solutions

This requires a different mindset as security today is as much the responsibility of the cloud service provider as it is of the business using it.

Technology integration revolutionises business analytics

Today, all of this has come together under BA with big data empowering businesses to pull different insights to meet specific requirements.

Understanding the relevance of change

Why invest millions in a reporting system only to have reports created manually? As a Project owner you put your head on a block when driving an initiative, owning the opportunities and risks related to the outcome, and taking overall accountability. But what happens if your project ran like a dream but somehow is still not delivering the promised business benefits?

Effective tech requires skills diversity

At a time when developing technology skills for a digital world have become a priority, companies will do well not to limit their focus on acquiring computer science and programming talent but also expand into other, more diverse fields.

Data management essential for property sector

In an industry where tenant retention and managing vacancies is critical, the property sector is driven by effective data analysis.

HR leadership roles set to be a business game changer

Talent is the most valuable asset organisations have in today’s worldTalent is the most valuable asset organisations have in today’s world.

Local Microsoft data centres to accelerate cloud adoption

On Wednesday 6th March 2019, Microsoft South Africa launched its Azure cloud data centres in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Decision Inc. believes that this heralds an exciting new time for the cloud market, not only in the country but the rest of the African continent.

Decision Inc. expert on Artificial Intelligence revolutionising HR

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems expected to reach US$77.6 billion by 2022, South African companies would do well to consider its impact.

How to measure the true success of a project

Only once the product or service is utilised as intended does the business consider it a success and view you as successful in realising value.