Smart Workforce Management

Every organisation needs to rely on its workforce to maximise performance and profitability. Workforce management gives your organisation the tools to manage and maintain a productive workforce, and optimise human resource management.

Decision Inc.’s workforce management solution complements your HR operations and business strategy by leveraging data analytics and monitoring KPIs that impact workforce to ultimately improve your company’s overall performance and bottom line.


Data analytics tools play an integral role in helping HR management adapt to today’s rapidly changing workforce needs. Proper management of a flexible workforce is key to maintaining a healthy and profitable business.

Advanced data visualisations and built-in intelligence provide an in-depth view of HR processes and workforce activity in one dashboard through interactive charts and visual graphs which measure, report and analyse relevant industry metrics.

  • Improve workforce productivity and profitability
  • Maximise HR effectiveness and performance
  • Track on-boarding, training and succession data


Finding the best talent and expertise for your business takes a significant amount of time, data and effort. Streamlining the process while minimising hiring costs becomes a priority for HR managers.

Improve the quality of your hiring process and decrease employee turnover with direct access into your talent pipeline. Built-in analytics give your business the relevant insights to generate better recruitment yields, tracking, analysing and reporting the progress.

  • Integrate structured and unstructured data to provide holistic view
    of available labour market
  • Enhance the quality of hire – skills, diversity, experience
  • Monitor and optimise recruitment expenses per new hire


Keeping your workforce motivated and happy is essential to improve employee satisfaction and retention while driving constant revenue and profitability. Data-driven workforce management offers valuable real-time insights into employee training, compensation, financial benefits and other rewards.

An analytics-driven workforce management solution drives workforce efficiency and loyalty across your organisation. Analysing the workforce’s measurable impact on the financial bottom line gives management the opportunity to make smarter decisions proactively.

  • Monitor employee satisfaction rates and grievances
  • Improve leadership succession and planning
  • Manage the costs and risks of overtime planning


An effective rewards strategy results in satisfied, engaged and productive employees, who want to improve the business.

Workforce Analytics provide HR with a holistic view of employee benefits and enables segmentation and differentiation of groups of employees, so that rewards programmes can be tailored accordingly. Analytics may also be used establish a baseline to measure results of benefit programmes and practices, and gain critical insight comparatively against performance.

By proactively aligning compensation packages with business results and growth, HR professionals can help increase employee satisfaction and drive the profitability aligned with incentives.

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