Supply Chain

Technology is leading the way to transform how supply chain departments will connect and integrate into the businesses. The opportunities to optimise supply chain is an exciting space to drive business improvement.

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The future of supply chain is based on optimising operations, utilising intelligent business applications that use sensors and intelligence to create autonomous supply chains

In the past, supply chains were push-based, and placed an extensive focus on ad hoc production and stocking. Broken data threads across the value chain made them reactive.

Today, organisations suffer from vast amounts of data with limited insights. More time needs to be spent and invested on analytics. An area of focus today is the ability to use sensors to sense customer data and react based on the output. Technologies such as the cloud, AI, and blockchains play an increasingly important role in helping enterprises reach the desired future state.

The future of supply chain is trusted, sustainable, and intelligent. Optimising operations utilising intelligent business applications that use sensors, networks, and ambient intelligence to create autonomous supply chains can help to ensure high-quality customer experiences and outcomes.

Organisations must evolve to help supply chains sense and predict customer demands, service them in real time, and redirect sourcing networks in case of disruptions. The right infrastructures can ensure cost savings through better inventory management.

Decision Inc.’s Supply Chain Solutions have been developed with our clients to leverage the exciting potential of data to drive optimised operations.

Global manufacturer reduces delivery and fuel costs with optimised routing solution

ERGA saves hundreds of hours per month in stock processing and requisition

Leading SA Manufacturer reduces demand planning time by 60%

Our Supply Chain Solutions

Supply Chain Planning

Improve supply chain planning. Connect and manage your supply chain from end to end while increasing visibility, reducing risks, and optimising operations.

Stock Management

Avoid running out of stock or overstocking through more effective inventory management. Accelerate inbound and outbound processes such as put-away and pick-pack-ship.


Enhance delivery of your products and services by using predictive analytics to optimise planning and improve the fulfillment, material sourcing, and logistics of your supply chain.

Warehouse Management

Gain end-to-end visibility of your inventory and warehouse operations and effectively manage capacity and consumption of your raw materials and movement of finished goods in real time.

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