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Finance Modernisation


Modernising your finance department is key to business growth

Forward-thinking business leaders know that COVID-19 was not the last disruptor that businesses will see.

While the pandemic escalated digital transformation across all industries, it is still common to see many businesses complete finance processes manually – wasting time, money and valuable resources. It’s clear that finance modernisation is becoming key for business growth today.

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As a Business Leader, shouldn’t your time be spent more strategically?


Overcoming finance modernisation challenges

If you still rely on a legacy finance system, you are not alone. Thousands of businesses still use platforms that face financial model challenges, are unable to immediately adjust to new regulations or internal finance structure changes, and lack currency or regulatory support. This leads to the need for time-consuming and manual interventions in order to meet the demands placed on the finance department.

But there is an easier way – with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance.

By modernising the finance department, access to real-time insights and financial intelligence will give your business the agility to optimise costs and identify opportunities immediately.

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Take charge of your finance department – and deliver financial intelligence effectively

Microsoft D365 Finance not only evolves and grows with your business, but adds functionality and benefits that will enable your finance team to be less reactive and more proactive, including:

    Delivering financial intelligence

    by providing predictive capabilities to reliably enable key decisions

    Streamlining all financial operations

    through configurable elements such as payments and invoicing, a tax calculation service and configurable business documents

    Optimising costs

    through the robust automation of enterprise processes, the removal of redundant processes and systems

    Embedding data analytics across all data

    – ensuring that strategic and operational insights are immediately available


    Ensuring agility

    by delivering the ability to pivot quickly, optimising the business and providing financial support for corporate initiatives

    Are you ready to leave your legacy systems behind, and move into the future of finance?


    The time is now for Business Leaders to be better prepared for the next business disruption – let us help you navigate this journey

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