Experience Design

Automating your processes, not your problems

We are passionate about designing and automating
processes to benefit not only the bottom line but also to
improve the lives of employees and the customer’s

Our approach

We use a number of techniques to gain insight into users and their needs, and use this to inform the define phase.

We create a summary of the core issues that have been identified, and start establishing functions and features.

Based on the human-centred problem statement created in the define stage, we come up with solutions and alternative ways of looking at the problem.

We create functional layouts of features that have been conceptualised in the ideate phase, giving users the ability to interact with solutions without investing in code.

The prototype is vigorously tested, to make sure that the proposed solution solves the problem statement and is easily understood by the intended user, driving product adoption.


What is evident from the above methodology is that central to the success of every project, is the ability to interact with end users, to empathise what their problems are, before determining what problem needs to be solved. This is great for business as it means that resources are focused where they matter most, and gives a tangible goal to work towards. By prototyping, the investment into solving the problem is made before anything is committed to code, which has major cost benefits as shown below, and gives us the opportunity to check back with users around whether this helps the business meet their needs.


By putting users first, we’re able to drive adoption and make sure that whether your user is an employee, or a customer, we create experiences that not only meet their needs, but that they love, as we rise to the challenge of ever evolving expectations, giving your business the ability to thrive amongst competitors.

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