We support our clients in the end-to-end design and implementation of consolidation, planning and reporting solutions


We cover the complete lifecycle of these solutions, from requirements through to design, testing, training and roll out. We cover key elements including process re-engineering, data management (cleansing and transformation), system integration (both ERP and BI), change management and system support.


Having made the initial investment in SAP software or hardware. maintenance upgrades are key to the longevity and performance of your solution. Our methodology is to ensure that upgrades are undertaken methodically and precisely. Our key is to ensure solution upgrade risk is minimised and carefully planned rollout processes are adhered to. We often find technical interfaces between disparate systems are particularly at risk. and careful attention Is given to ensure continued operation of these processes post your upgrade.


Our “healthcheck” review service is around ensuring your solution is efficient and continues to meet business requirements. As business’ change, so too internal processes and reporting requirements also are impacted. Technology changes, such as the introduction of Cloud based platforms (Azure, AWS), are also assessed as part our technical review, with our clients goal ultimately being alignment of our clients future state technical architecture to the solution. Our healthcheck report covers both ‘quick fix’ suggestions around Improvement to process or performance as well as roadmap alignment, such as migration considerations to cloud based architecture.


We offer bespoke short term internal training requirements or longer term training programmes. whether it be functional. technical and/or system administration-based requirements. Training is tailored towards our Individual client needs.


We have a wealth of highly experienced consultants in which we can offer short or longer term secondments. Whether this is temporary cover for a current system administrator or fulfilling a longer term role as part of a wider programme of activity, we can discuss your specific requirements to provide a tailored solution.

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